Report: China Remakes Buick In Buick's Own Image

It's no secret China has become the most compelling reason to keep a candle burning for the Buick brand. The superpower-in-training is now Buick's top market, evidenced by the Rivera concept that debuted at the Shanghai auto show earlier this year. Now, Automotive News reports China's influence may feed back into the… » 7/30/07 8:31am 7/30/07 8:31am

Question Of The Day: GM Forum Fans Want US Version Of Park Avenue — Do You?

We showed you the new Zeta-platformed Buick Park Avenue a little earlier today and we were pretty surprised at how non-Buick the styling is, and how plush and non-General the interior looks. Apparently the fervent fans of the General over at the GMInsideNews forums are feeling the same way. They're wondering why the… » 4/12/07 12:40pm 4/12/07 12:40pm