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We showed you the new Zeta-platformed Buick Park Avenue a little earlier today and we were pretty surprised at how non-Buick the styling is, and how plush and non-General the interior looks. Apparently the fervent fans of the General over at the GMInsideNews forums are feeling the same way. They're wondering why the world's biggest automaker doesn't offer said RWD vehicle stateside for the Wood-y brand, especially given what we've heard about the similarities between vehicular desires in the two markets. Here's what a few of them have to say:

"Every day that goes by, I become more and more embarrassed by GM's car offerings in the United States...I don't believe GM has the desire to sell something like this in the US. They couldn't do it with STS. They Certainly won't do it with Buick."

"Even if they wanted to bring that over here now they would say it is still 8 years away.. But its coming. Meanwhile we twirl in the wind as usual. GM you have got to give us product like this and faster!"

"Hey! I wonder if Rick and Bob have seen this car? The offerings here in the US sure don't indicate that!!!!!!!!!!"

Maybe it's just Tiger Woods, but who knew there was such pent up demand for a Buick. So let's ask our readers the same question the GMInsideNews forumites are answering:

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[Hat tip to Ming!]

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