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The '92 Buick Park Avenue: Best Value In America!

Illustration for article titled The 92 Buick Park Avenue: Best Value In America!

You might think that you're saving money when you buy some miserable econobox, but you're wrong! In fact, the "Complete Car Cost Guide" found that the Buick Park Avenue was— somehow— cheaper to operate than any other American car.


Well, maybe. All we can say is that the music that kicks in when the Park Avenue rolls in front of the Miserable Econobox (anyone want to take a shot at identifying said econobox?) is the most Buick-esque piece of music ever recorded.

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I always thought this car was a rare display of styling prowess from latter-day General Motors. Graceful curves, elegant use of chrome, good proportions, real road presence. That 3800 V6 might not have been a fire ball, but it was rock solid reliable and produced sufficient power for the car with reasonable fuel economy. The ride was what a Buick should be, smooth and quiet, the interior suffered from poor tolerances and cheap plastic, but the seats were so soft and comfortable.

Unfortunately, most of the ones you see today are found cruising the inner city, complete with peeling paint, Pep Boys wheel covers, duct taped mirrors, and missing trim.

It seemed like Buick was one brand GM at least tried to get right in the '90s, at least on the full size models.