Illustration for article titled Supercharged Buick 3-Wheeler: Perfect For Hunting Or Just Having Fun!

You want a great power-to-weight ratio and plenty of drive-wheel traction? Head on down to Macon, Georgia, where this 1989 Buick Park Avenue-based three-wheeler could be yours for just 600 bucks!


We don't get any details on how the rear suspension works (if this engineering triumph even has a rear suspension; the "needs rear shock" statement may be Craigslist-ese for "the whole mess is welded up right solid-like"), and we can't help but wonder what sort of game you'd hunt with it. Never mind all that, though- just imagine the burnout/donut exhibition you could put on in your local mall's parking lot!
[Craigslist Macon, go here if the listing disappears]


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