Paul Ryan Used To Drive The Wienermobile

You're going to be hearing a lot about Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan when he's picked as Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential candidate later this morning. Here's something they may not tell you: he used to drive the Wienermobile and sell meat products for Oscar Mayer in the upper-Midwest. » 8/11/12 8:31am 8/11/12 8:31am

Wienermobile attacks New York City on 75th birthday

On July 18th, 1936, the original Oscar Mayer Wienermobile first hit the road to spread its mission of wiener domination. Today, 75 years later, the phallic meat-mobile is here in New York City to restore pride to a similar-sounding name sullied by salacious sexting. » 7/18/11 2:00pm 7/18/11 2:00pm

Wienermobile Pulled Over, Deemed “Un-American" To Ticket

Cops in Pennsylvania let the Wienermobile go with a warning after pulling it over for a taillight violation. The reason? Local police sources told TMZ, "It's un-American to ticket the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile." Mom, apple pie and humongous meat. [TMZ] » 12/08/09 10:30am 12/08/09 10:30am

Wienermobile Crashes Bun-First Into Wisconsin House

The Wienermobile seems to be popping up quite a bit in recent weeks, this time venturing off course and inserting itself into a Wisconsin home while whistling 'Oh I wish I were an Os-car Mayer Wiener!' » 7/17/09 6:00pm 7/17/09 6:00pm

PETA Suggests Wienermobile Should Be Buried With Oscar Mayer

Oscar G. Mayer III passed away last week and with that unfortunate news, the meat-hatin' folks at PETA have opened their mouths to suggest the beloved Wienermobile should be buried with him. » 7/13/09 4:30pm 7/13/09 4:30pm

Ten-Pack Of Dogs: History Of The Wienermobile

Oscar G. Mayer III, the 95-years-old retired chairman of previously family-owned Oscar Mayer, died yesterday. In his honor we've put together this historical reference guide to all ten Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles. » 7/09/09 2:00pm 7/09/09 2:00pm