PETA Suggests Wienermobile Should Be Buried With Oscar Mayer

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Oscar G. Mayer III passed away last week and with that unfortunate news, the meat-hatin' folks at PETA have opened their mouths to suggest the beloved Wienermobile should be buried with him.


PETA, the devastators of all things good, tasty and meaty, have made bold suggestions in the past, but their recent ideas are, to be perfectly honest, troublesome. They've suggested the hotdog-shaped staple of American summer BBQs be buried alongside Mr. Mayer immediately after offering their "condolences and support during these difficult times." They then conjured this tasty little morsel for you all to chew on; "(The Wienermobile) traverses the countryside and entices children to try Oscar Mayer meats, which can set them on the road to developing life-threatening illnesses."


Those 'life-threatening illnesses' that the nutjobs at PETA are referring to must be the feeling of happiness and fullness after chowing down on a delicious chili and cheese topped beef frank with a hearty helping of onions, relish and pickles. They say bury the Wienermobile in the ground, we say it should be buried somewhere else. We'll let your colorful minds decide where that'll be. [ThisIsDiversity]

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So, here's a conundrum for the PETA folk: What do they think about those animals that eat other animals? I mean, by the rationale of their acronym, it's not very ethical of the lion to eat the gazelle.