Wienermobile attacks New York City on 75th birthday

On July 18th, 1936, the original Oscar Mayer Wienermobile first hit the road to spread its mission of wiener domination. Today, 75 years later, the phallic meat-mobile is here in New York City to restore pride to a similar-sounding name sullied by salacious sexting.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the Wienermobile — a GM chassis cab under an oversized meat-and-bread suit — hit New York City today to assert wiener dominance over Gray's Papaya and the rest of the fruit-flavored-drink-plus-hot dog vendors with an event on 75th Street and Broadway.


From there, the Wienermobile is heading down to the New York Stock Exchange where — we can only hope — a man dressed up in a giant wiener will be ringing the closing bell at the NYSE.

I took a look inside while it was parked at 75th Street, and when I climbed out, a little girl and boy both started to clap and giggle. God bless America — a land where a man climbing out of a giant sausage is cheer-worthy.

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