The Death Of The Cube Does Not Mean The Death Of The Box

Sometimes I feel like journalists, maybe myself included, can turn into hair-trigger panic-monkeys just to get a story. Nissan announces they're no longer going to sell the Cube here? That means I better flip over my desk, soil myself lavishly, and freak out that all cubic-cars are going to be gone. Like in this… » 7/15/14 5:12pm 7/15/14 5:12pm

I Said Goodbye to My Nissan Cube So I Can Move Across the Country

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm moving to Philadelphia. That's right: in less than three months, I'm going to pack up all my belongings and leave a city primarily known for violent crime in order to move to another city primarily known for violent crime, and also cheesesteaks. » 6/09/14 3:59pm 6/09/14 3:59pm

Tricky Canadians Win 2009 Nissan Cube

Frenemy "Markie" Mark Stevenson, currently of AutoNorth, has won the Hypercube contest and a 2009 Nissan Cube for six months. He'd like to thank Jalopnik readers who crossed the border to vote for him. [AutoNorth] » 6/25/09 3:00pm 6/25/09 3:00pm

Canadian Cardboard Cube As Functional As Real Nissan

Nissan and cardboard engineering go hand-in-hand. This, and the desire to win a Nissan Cube, explains why this Neon has been converted into the econo box. Vote for AutoNorth here so they can battle Didorosi. » 5/14/09 6:00pm 5/14/09 6:00pm

Top Ten Auto Design Easter Eggs

An "Easter egg" is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature. We've noticed fun little buggers in the design of quite a few new vehicles. Here's our list of the ten best. » 5/11/09 3:30pm 5/11/09 3:30pm

Canadian Auto Site Threatens To Invade U.S., Jalopnik

Jealous of our Fiesta Movement and outraged at our frequent anti-Canada jokes, north-of-the-border auto site AutoNorth plans to invade the US in a Nissan Cube like its 1812. » 4/02/09 2:30pm 4/02/09 2:30pm

2009 Nissan Cube: First Drive

The 2009 Nissan Cube was designed for me: a young, design-conscious urban dweller. It's not a car; it's a mobile lifestyle enabler. Why, then, don't I like it? » 2/27/09 3:00pm 2/27/09 3:00pm

2009 Nissan Cube Krom Starts At $19,370, Reservations Begin Today

The base Nissan Cube will only cost you $13,990, but the JDM-tastic Nissan Cube Krom will MSRP for $19,370. If you want to be the first with the funky econobox Nissan is taking reservations. » 2/24/09 3:00pm 2/24/09 3:00pm

Nissan Gets Free Advertising In Pepsi Super Bowl Ad

While performing our Super Bowl car commercial watching duties we noticed a 2009 Nissan Cube in the big Pepsi advertisement. What did it cost Nissan? Nothing. » 2/02/09 4:30pm 2/02/09 4:30pm

The Ten Small Cars Of The Future

Years after being promised smaller and more fuel-efficient cars the next generation of diminutive autos is finally on its way. But these new "small" cars aren't as small as you might think. In order to provide a point of comparison, we've compared the length of these cars to a Ford Super Duty Crew Cab pickup truck.… » 12/09/08 2:30pm 12/09/08 2:30pm

Top Ten Reveals of the 2008 LA Auto Show

Over last week's LA Auto Show » 11/24/08 6:00pm 11/24/08 6:00pm, we saw plenty of new models throw their hats into the bloodied arena that is the current automotive market. So put on some R.E.M. and follow us on a jog down flashback lane as we relive all of the fond old memories we've fostered together this past week. Remember when the new came out…

2009 Nissan Cube Revealed

UPDATE: The 2009 Nissan Cube's price will start at $13,990 and we've even had a chance to test drive the Cube. Read our impression here. » 11/19/08 1:45pm 11/19/08 1:45pm The is hoping to capture the boxy chic market the Scion xB pioneered when it goes on sale in the US market next year. We think the Cube has a lot going for it. When it does arrive…

2010 Nissan Cube Unveiled Early

Tomorrow comes a day too soon in Japan as Nissan has already released a load of pictures of both the USDM and JDM Cube, which is to be "unveiled" tomorrow at the LA Auto Show » 11/18/08 11:00pm 11/18/08 11:00pm. This eccentric little box is vying for the same niche as the polarizing Scion xB. Japanese Cubes are powered by a 107 Horsepower, 109 lb-feet…

2010 Nissan Cube Gets Accidental Unveil On Japanese Transport Truck

The 2010 Nissan Cube » 11/18/08 12:30pm 11/18/08 12:30pm, bound for US sales and an unveil tomorrow, has been revealed in these pictures of a car transit to somewhere in Japan posted on the forum. The new Cube retains its asymmetrical look while at the same time managing to look a bit sleeker than its predecessor. The grille shrinks a bit and the…

Nissan Cube USA Website Goes Live Complete With "Free" T-Shirt Offer

The preview website for the US-bound Nissan Cube » 8/20/08 12:30pm 8/20/08 12:30pm has gone live, complete with a -esque long-lead countdown timer. Ninety days out from the reveal, the website gives us a peek at the Cube's marketing direction, which seems to be a second-year art-school student's wet dream. It's stacked deep with snappy animations,…