The Death Of The Cube Does Not Mean The Death Of The Box

Sometimes I feel like journalists, maybe myself included, can turn into hair-trigger panic-monkeys just to get a story. Nissan announces they're no longer going to sell the Cube here? That means I better flip over my desk, soil myself lavishly, and freak out that all cubic-cars are going to be gone. Like in this… »7/15/14 5:12pm7/15/14 5:12pm


2010 Nissan Cube Gets Accidental Unveil On Japanese Transport Truck

The 2010 Nissan Cube »11/18/08 12:30pm11/18/08 12:30pm, bound for US sales and an unveil tomorrow, has been revealed in these pictures of a car transit to somewhere in Japan posted on the forum. The new Cube retains its asymmetrical look while at the same time managing to look a bit sleeker than its predecessor. The grille shrinks a bit and the…

Nissan Cube USA Website Goes Live Complete With "Free" T-Shirt Offer

The preview website for the US-bound Nissan Cube »8/20/08 12:30pm8/20/08 12:30pm has gone live, complete with a -esque long-lead countdown timer. Ninety days out from the reveal, the website gives us a peek at the Cube's marketing direction, which seems to be a second-year art-school student's wet dream. It's stacked deep with snappy animations,…