The Autobahn Is Full Of Awesome Cars Like This

There we were, cruising down the Autobahn between Baden Baden and Stuttgart, when all of a sudden we came across something out of place even in the car lover's paradise that is southern Germany. Even better, the graphics showed the car was coming back from the historic Mille Milgia and the driver had the matching… » 6/22/12 1:30pm 6/22/12 1:30pm

Know Thy Germans: BMW 328 Roadster and Coupe

Introduced to the world for the 1936 Olympics, the BMW 328 was an (almost) instant classic that went on to dominate the world of motor racing for the next half-decade. But like the "in your face, master race" that Jesse Owens gave Hitler and friends by winning four gold track & field medals, the 328 harbored an… » 12/19/06 2:00am 12/19/06 2:00am

BMW Unveils Mille Miglia Concept Coupe

Watchers of vintage races and rallies know this week starts one of the majors on the docket: the Mille Miglia, an annual run across Italy by various enthusiasts, viscounts and gearheads in every manner of racer. This year, BMW's honoring one of the cars it ran successfully in 1940 — the 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe,… » 5/11/06 10:33am 5/11/06 10:33am