Why there are no more stick-shift Acuras

If you were at all car-aware in the 1990s and 2000s, Acura was squarely on your radar. From the brand's first Legends, to the iconic Integra, to the follow-up RSX and the halo-status NSX, Acura's lineup always included something for the gearheads among us, complete with honest-to-goodness manual transmissions. » 1/23/15 1:37pm 1/23/15 1:37pm

Government Investigating 'Accidental Starts' Of Manual-Shift Dodge Rams

The NHTSA says they've opened an investigation regarding 2004-2006 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks with manual transmissions, after getting reports of problems caused by the trucks starting without having the clutch depressed. » 5/23/14 5:29pm 5/23/14 5:29pm

Judge Recommends Car Thieves Learn How To Drive Stick

Other than an alarm, a manual transmission is one of the best defense mechanisms you can have on a car to avoid getting it stolen. » 9/11/12 9:30am 9/11/12 9:30am

Why Should People Learn To Drive Stick?

The manual transmission is going the way of the unsynchronized crash box. It's an obsolete technology now. Why should you and everyone you know learn to use it anyway? » 9/05/12 11:30am 9/05/12 11:30am

Yes, It's Ethical To Drive A Stick Shift

I really shouldn't have to even be answering this question. This week in Salon David Sirota wrote an article asking "Is it ethical to drive stick?" It's great to see a mainstream, intelligent publication like Salon talking about manual transmissions, except for one thing: the article is inane, and the fundamental… » 5/16/12 12:00pm 5/16/12 12:00pm

How A Playground Restored My Faith In Auto Enthusiasm's Future

I was with my 15-month old son, Otto, at the playground in Griffith Park the other day and saw something that reaffirmed my faith that maybe, just maybe, some of this current generation of kids will grow up appreciating cars the way I do. » 2/08/12 12:00pm 2/08/12 12:00pm

Further proof stick shifts stop car crime

More evidence that a manual transmission is not merely a means to greater car control and a better driving experience: Like a similar case late last month, a shift lever and clutch pedal have prevented yet another carjacking. » 12/22/11 1:30pm 12/22/11 1:30pm

Not only are manual transmissions awesome, they're a theft deterrent

Although we know you didn't need another reason to continue seeking out the dwindling supply of cars with manual transmissions, we're giving you one anyways. A Florida man and woman still have their car because a pair of carjackers didn't know how to drive a stick. » 12/04/11 9:00am 12/04/11 9:00am

Yes, this is Porsche's new 7-speed shift pattern

By now you know Porsche's offering a 7-speed manual transmission on the new 2012 Porsche 911. It turns out, according to CarEnvy.ca, who somehow were magically able to liberate a photo of the new shift knob, that the shift pattern we first showed you last month is absolutely the correct layout. » 8/30/11 8:30am 8/30/11 8:30am

Learning To Drive A Stick Saved This Woman's Life

Four men carjacked a 22-year-old student athlete from Belhaven University with the intention of raping her Wednesday night. None of them could operate a manual transmission so they made her drive. She intentionally crashed her car, probably saving her life. » 11/05/10 2:00pm 11/05/10 2:00pm

Are You Really Able To Drive a Manual Transmission Car?

Is it really true that nobody knows how to drive a stick these days? I tend to doubt the "automatic transmission is destroying our ability to drive" gloom-and-doom crowd, but who can say? Time for a totally unscientific poll! » 9/04/10 7:00pm 9/04/10 7:00pm

BREAKING: Buick Regal Getting A Manual Transmission

Jim Frederico, chief engineer for Buick, just told assembled journalists at the ride-and-drive for the new Buick Regal that it'll receive a manny tranny as an available option — assumingly the same as the Opel Insignia's — sometime after launch. » 11/19/09 1:45pm 11/19/09 1:45pm

Stupid Thief Tries Stealing Car, Forgets How To Drive A Manual

If you're going to try and steal a car, first and foremost make sure it's not a bait car. Secondly, it might help if you knew how to drive a manual transmission. » 7/09/09 5:45pm 7/09/09 5:45pm

How To Drive A Stick Shift In Ten Easy Steps

Only 6% of new cars sold stateside have a manual transmission, but every one of the Fiesta Movement cars is a stick. We taught one winner, Jill Hanner, how to drive a manual transmission car. » 4/28/09 5:30pm 4/28/09 5:30pm

Automatics Closing Fuel Economy Gap On Manuals; Engines, Electronics…

In a stringer piece for the Detroit News » 8/20/08 10:20am 8/20/08 10:20am, Rex Roy makes the observation that automatic transmissions are finally beginning to catch up to stick shifts in fuel economy. While we say "it's about damn time," considering automatics make up more than 90% of the US new vehicle market, we simultaneously lament that same…

Rock Crusher!

So far we've had only automatics in the Cool Transmission Name Of The Day series, but that doesn't mean The General's indestructible Muncie M-22 doesn't deserve its day of CTNOTD glory. Oh, sure, "Rock Crusher" wasn't its official name, but I'm making up the rules here and I say it qualifies! In addition to being… » 6/02/08 4:00pm 6/02/08 4:00pm

NYT Wheels Blog Examines The Shift Away From Shifting

It's always been our contention that the point when automatic transmission vehicles began to outsell manual transmission vehicles here in the United States was the same point 'merican drivers became less concerned about the trip and more about the destination. Looks like the Wheels blog over at the New York Times has… » 10/05/07 10:45am 10/05/07 10:45am