BMW i8's Custom Louis Vuitton Luggage Costs $20k

Luggage space in the BMW i8 is abysmal. But Louis Vuitton is here to save your weekend jaunt to Monaco with a five-piece set that costs $20,000 — a 15 percent premium over the $135k base price of the i8 — and it doesn't even levitate. » 5/05/14 1:40pm 5/05/14 1:40pm

Lady Cans: Designer Gas Cans For Women

Louis Vuitton does not make portable gas cans. Neither does Chanel. Thus the genius of Death Spray Custom's "Lady Cans," the perfect gift for the style-obsessed, globe-trotting Jeep driver. So no one, really. » 1/18/11 10:30am 1/18/11 10:30am

Would People Please Stop Making Louis Vuitton-Emblazoned Cars?

Further evidence trashy fashion and cars don't mix: an eBay auction for a V6 Jeep Grand Cherokee tastelessly customized with a Louis Vuitton pattern paint job and matching interior. Unsurprisingly it failed to meet its reserve. » 12/30/09 2:30pm 12/30/09 2:30pm

$2.4 Million Infiniti Essence Concept Visits Suburban Detroit Louis…

Last night, the Infiniti Essence Concept visited the Louis Vuitton store in Troy, Michigan's Somerset Collection mall. The $2.4 million concept mixed it up with trophy wives and spikey-haired "Nouveau riche" during a champagne and hors d'œuvre-laden soiree. » 10/02/09 1:30pm 10/02/09 1:30pm

The Louis Vuitton Mercedes CLK Must Die

Here's a custom CLK spotted in Charlotte that never needed to happen. Ever. Really. Never. In fact, kill this one now. Somebody. Please! (Hat tip to Cosmotion!) » 4/23/09 10:45am 4/23/09 10:45am

Speculate No More About How Custom Louis Vuitton Bags Fit Into The…

So Louis Vuitton can make bags for a pretty non-existing car. Cool. How about making bags for an ugly non-existing car which is way faster? » 3/06/09 7:30am 3/06/09 7:30am

Infiniti To Reveal Concept Car, Louis Vuitton Luggage At Geneva

Hard to imagine a stranger marketing fit than French luxury bag maker Louis Vuitton and Infiniti, Nissan's re-badged luxury brand, but they're partnering on a new concept debuting at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. » 2/05/09 12:30pm 2/05/09 12:30pm

Breaking! Germans Claim Louis Vuitton Will Buy Aston Martin, Will Prada…

Obviously the thought of Prada buying Jaguar's just plain silly, but according to the German motor weekly Autobild will report tomorrow LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (and we think there's some other luxe brands in there too!) has agreed to acquire Ford Motor Co.'s Aston Martin brand. Additionally, Autobild's… » 2/01/07 3:04pm 2/01/07 3:04pm

Billionaires Mulling Aston Martin Bid For Some Seriously Premium Seat…

The Financial Times reported earlier today Bernard Arnault and Albert Frere, the billionaire financiers, joined together to create an investment fund of up to a billion euros ($1.25 billion) and "they are looking at Aston Martin." Since Arnault is chairman and chief executive of luxury goods retailer LVMH Moet… » 10/20/06 10:26am 10/20/06 10:26am