$2.4 Million Infiniti Essence Concept Visits Suburban Detroit Louis Vuitton Store

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Last night, the Infiniti Essence Concept visited the Louis Vuitton store in Troy, Michigan's Somerset Collection mall. The $2.4 million concept mixed it up with trophy wives and spikey-haired "Nouveau riche" during a champagne and hors d'œuvre-laden soiree.

The car is part of a nationwide tour by Infiniti to keep in touch with customers during 2009, since they've decided to stay out of auto shows this year. Since the car was developed with custom Louis Vuitton luggage, they're stopping at as many stores as they can and throwing a little bash for select customers and VIPs. This event was held at suburban Detroit's most pinkie-in-the-air mall, the Somerset Collection, which houses luxury stores including LV, Armani, Burberry and Brooks Brothers. We were tempted to do a brake stand in the parking lot as we left.