Renault Purchase Of Lotus Formula One Team Will Be Finally Finalized

After dragging through a season full of late freight shipments and unpaid bills, the Lotus Formula One team’s financial savior has finalized their purchase of the team, per the BBC. Renault signed a letter of intent to purchase the Lotus F1 team at the end of September, and the principal contracts of the purchase were…

Annihilated Barrier Repaired With Duct Tape During Russian Grand Prix

There’s good reason why cheap fix enthusiast Red Green wasn’t appointed as a Formula One safety expert on the multi-year run of The Red Green Show. Cheap fixes aren’t always the safest, which is why repairing a barrier hit by Romain Grosjean with duct tape is the worst idea I’ve seen during a grand prix yet.


Relive Your 90s Sports Car Fantasies With This Modified Lotus Esprit S4

The 90s were good times, the rock was grungy and the mid-engine sports cars were wedge shaped with pop-up headlights. Now that first generation NSX prices are getting nuts, perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative. Our friends at Bring A Trailer have an awesome Lotus Espirit S4 turbo with a reasonable reserve.