Hybrid Technologies Building 220mpg Supercar That's Faster Than ZR1

Hybrid Technologies, makers of electric Minis and the Mullen Motor GT, are working on a lithium-ion/gas plug-in hybrid not only capable of achieving 220mpg, but horsepower numbers that promise to eclipse those of the 638bhp Corvette ZR1. Speaking to Popular Mechanics, product development engineer Ron Cerven revealed… »5/28/08 4:40pm5/28/08 4:40pm

Nissan Partners With NEC For Battery Factory, Claims Of EV by 2010 Maybe Not BS?

Nissan has announced a strategic partnership with tech giant NEC for a lithium ion battery factory in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The facility will operate under a new company dubbed Automotive Energy Supply and will be capable of putting out 16,000 batteries by next year, and 65,000 at full rate by 2011. With this… »5/20/08 11:20am5/20/08 11:20am

Toyota Wants You To Take Your Lithium Battery And Shove It

Sure, lithium-ion batteries are all the rage with consumer electronics and are slowly making inroads with carmakers. Toyota, however, has bucked the trend and decided to say "Screw it!" and skip the lithium-ion battery bandwagon altogether. Rather, Toyota is looking towards some really futuristic concepts for auto… »3/07/08 3:15pm3/07/08 3:15pm

GM Debuts Second Generation Hybrid System, Slightly Less Mild

Rick Wagoner, GM Chairman and Just For Men model, was on hand in Geneva to announce the second generation of GM's mild hybrid two-mode system currently found in trucks such as the 2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid and, soon, in FWD vehicles like the Saturn Vue. The biggest change is the addition of a lithium-ion battery supplied… »3/04/08 10:30am3/04/08 10:30am

The Li-Ion In Winter: Companies to Attempt Lower Cost Hybrid Battery

One of the major costs associated with hybrid vehicles is the Lithium-Ion battery pack that powers the electric motor. In that spirit, Ricardo and QinetiQ are teaming up with the UK's Department for Transport to create a dramatically cheaper battery. The project, cleverly called RED-LION (REDuced cost LIthium-iON),… »11/07/07 3:15pm11/07/07 3:15pm

GM Awards Battery Development Contracts For Chevrolet Volt E-Flex System

The General's awarded two contracts for development of lithium-ion batteries for its electric drive "E-Flex System." The "E-Flex System," if you'll remember, is the red herring vaporware electric vehicle architecture underpinning the Chevy Volt concept car shown earlier this year. One contract's heading over to… »6/05/07 11:00am6/05/07 11:00am