Toyota Wants You To Take Your Lithium Battery And Shove It

Illustration for article titled Toyota Wants You To Take Your Lithium Battery And Shove It

Sure, lithium-ion batteries are all the rage with consumer electronics and are slowly making inroads with carmakers. Toyota, however, has bucked the trend and decided to say "Screw it!" and skip the lithium-ion battery bandwagon altogether. Rather, Toyota is looking towards some really futuristic concepts for auto batteries. Like air-zinc. And what the hell is that, exactly?

A battery that can be charged off a standard AC outlet, and that has a 50-mile range. Toyota set a goal of 2020 to commercialize the new battery. You know, I don't really have a problem with Toyota deciding to skip out on lithium-ion batteries. Those things are freaking dangerous. You ever see an exploded laptop battery? Yeah, it's bad news bears. Imagine a battery bigger than that exploding at 75 mph. Hello, zinc-air![Motor Authority]

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Rob Emslie


Hey man, it was a nobel effort. I myself was scrounging for a clip from the Simpson's with the "World without Zinc" educational film. Alas, I was denied.