Hybrid Luxury Sedan In Infiniti's Future?

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Rumor has it Nissan is developing a lithium-ion battery-equipped, luxury hybrid sedan based on the Infiniti M (Nissan Fuga) for both the American and Japanese market.

Nissan has been slow to the hybrid market and the not-so-popular Altima Hybrid has seen lackluster sales numbers. Rather than going full bore with its hybrid program, Nissan has been watching other manufacturers get their feet wet first. With Toyota getting ready to release its Lexus HS 250h and the potential for the Chevy Volt-based Cadillac Converj concept making it into production, Nissan really needs to step it up if it wants to get into this market.


It's said Nissan will start producing the lithium-ion battery-based gas/electric hybrid by the 2010 model year. We'll see about that. [via asiaone]

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pedal to the mettle

I don't understand the logic here: adding weight and complexity while sapping power from a sport sedan to gain a dubious amount of green cred? Formula for FAIL. I think the novelty of hybrids has worn off enough that they need to offer credible benefits to be successful.