Hybrid Technologies Building 220mpg Supercar That's Faster Than ZR1

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Hybrid Technologies, makers of electric Minis and the Mullen Motor GT, are working on a lithium-ion/gas plug-in hybrid not only capable of achieving 220mpg, but horsepower numbers that promise to eclipse those of the 638bhp Corvette ZR1. Speaking to Popular Mechanics, product development engineer Ron Cerven revealed that not only will the car be entered in the Automotive X Prize, but that it could be available to purchase as soon as late next year.

In addition to the hybrid, an all-electric model is also being developed. A drivable prototype should be ready by September.


In addition to performance and economy, Hybrid Technologies is working hard to ensure the new supercar will be comfortable and driver-friendly. Movable aerodynamic aids will be capable of transitioning from low-drag to high-down force, improving both handling and economy. The company wouldn't release specific power numbers, but when asked if they could challenge a vehicle like the Corvette, Cerven responded, "way out of the ballpark—it's gonna be wild."

By now, you're probably thinking that this all sounds too good to be true. Trust us, we are too. With vehicles like the Fisker Karma and Tesla roadster topping out at 120 and 130mph respectively, Hybrid Technologies would need to bring a significant level of innovation to this vehicle in order to compete with gasoline-powered supercars. Expect to find out whether or not all this is hot air during the X Prize competition "some time in 2009." [via Popular Mechanics]

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An oil tanker has more horsepower than a ZR1 too, but that doesn't make it faster...