Special Edition Nokia-Branded Renault Is Full Of Gadgetry

In a rare case of reverse auto branding adventures, it seems Nokia is getting its branding on with a limited edition Renault Sandero in Brazil. The Renault will be loaded to the gills with a Nokia navigation system as well as a Nokia N95 multimedia cellphone. Nokia already provides the navigation and hands-free… » 4/24/08 4:00pm 4/24/08 4:00pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Genuine Saab Turbo X

The born from jets crowd over at Trollhattan Saab report the car previously known as black turbo will officially bring the spirit of the original 900 turbo in line with a modern haldex awd system and 280 hp engine. An automatic transmission will also be available to channel power to the ground from the hair dryer. The… » 9/10/07 2:00pm 9/10/07 2:00pm

Race on Dimanche, Sell on Lundi: Renault's Limited-Edition Clio F1 Team

What would owning a championship Formula One team be without synergistic marketing tie ins? Not much, of course. And so, Renault's unveiled a special edition Clio, the Renaultsport 197 F1 Team on the unveiling occasion of the Renault F1 team's new R27 car for the 2007 season. Like the M gane Renaultsport 230 F1 Team… » 1/25/07 8:20am 1/25/07 8:20am