You Can Still Buy A Brand New 1992 Lancia Delta Integrale HF Turbo

The thing about the Delta HF Turbo is that Martini livery or not, you want an unmolested car. A friend of mine went all the way from Hungary to the Netherlands to get one without any "upgrades," but even that couldn't be as clean as this time warp, headed for auction with just 31 delivery miles. » 1/30/15 6:00am 1/30/15 6:00am

Dual-motor R/C Lego Stratos is drift-happy and perfect

Lego builder Piterx makes gorgeously detailed Technic replicas of real-life vehicles. The latest is a motorsports legend: The Lancia Stratos, one of the most fearsomely beautiful cars to ever blast down a rally stage. And thanks to dual R/C motors, this Piterx model is as fast and drift-happy as its real-life brethren. » 11/06/14 4:36pm 11/06/14 4:36pm

There Are 1967 Reasons To Love A 1967 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3 Zagato

While Jay Leno thinks Lancia's Roman-inspired names weren't the most fortunate (the Fulvia reminds him of a certain lady part and Flaminia sounds like an STD), when Zagato entered the game, that hardly mattered. Meet the world's sexiest V4. » 9/22/14 9:30am 9/22/14 9:30am

The Most Beautiful Lancias

There's something about the Lancia Aurelia Spider that just makes me go absolutely weak at the knees. Those bulged out rear fenders are really what do me in. They're perfectly formed. » 9/11/14 4:19pm 9/11/14 4:19pm

Why The 1969 Lancia Fulvia Coupe Is The Most Beautiful Car In The World

I happen to think that the Lancia Fulvia is the most beautiful car ever made and I tend to put my fingers in my ears and sing if people disagree with me. So with the styling of the car indisputable, the only thing I had left to do was answer the nagging question I've had in my mind; does it drive as good as it looks? » 5/25/14 10:43am 5/25/14 10:43am

Lancia, Dying A Slow, Painful Death, Will Only Sell Ypsilons in 2016

Earlier this month, FCA laid out a grand plan for each division with Lancia curiously missing from the big announcement. Now we know what's happening to the beleaguered brand: It'll be whittled down to one, lonely model — the Ypsilon — by 2016, sold only in Italy. » 5/23/14 12:11pm 5/23/14 12:11pm

Where The Hell Is Lancia In Fiat Chrysler's Big Plan?

Conspicuously absent from Fiat Chrysler's five-year plan announcement today is Lancia, once a storied maker of innovative rally cars now relegated to the sad status of being Chrysler of Italy. Is a Lancia death announcement coming today? » 5/06/14 11:15am 5/06/14 11:15am

The Lancia Aurelia GT Coupe Was The Daily Driver Of Champions

Lancia built 18,201 Aurelias between 1950 and 1958, but only 500 of those were first series cars, and only a handful were B20 GT Coupes. Fangio had one, and for a good reason. » 1/23/14 2:00pm 1/23/14 2:00pm

There Is No Nod Toward Sanity With The Lancia Stratos

You can make an easy case for the legendary Stratos being one of the greatest cars of all time. Bold, brutal, and bizarre, it's just so evocative. And here's what it's like to own one. » 7/02/13 5:45pm 7/02/13 5:45pm

The Lancia Sibilo Was Nuts Even By 1970s Concept Car Standards

I've been a car nerd for my entire life, and now I write about them for a living, so I don't get many auto-related surprises anymore. It's always nice when I do, though. That's what happened to me yesterday when Attila Nagy's photos introduced me to a car that totally caught me off guard: the Lancia Sibilo. » 5/31/13 2:20pm 5/31/13 2:20pm

The Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 Is Like A Casette Shaken Very Fast

No pun intended, but Evo just got themselves an Evo. Editior-in-chief Harry Metcalfe bought one of the 220 Giallo Ginestra special edition late Integrales and he's aiming to share.

Evo Diaries is just great. Fashion experts, not much editing, no music, and lots of details about interesting cars. And trust me, there's… » 5/09/13 12:05pm 5/09/13 12:05pm

Growing Up With A 1977 Lancia Scorpion

Everyone has a different story for how they got into cars. One particular story revolves around a midengined Italian sports car that circled just out of grasp. » 5/07/13 5:30pm 5/07/13 5:30pm

The Most Desirable Europe-Only Italian Cars

America got European cars with stupid bumpers and no power at all for quite a long time, but as far as Italians go, things were even worse. » 4/04/13 4:00pm 4/04/13 4:00pm

You Need These Ridiculously Cool Lancia Top Gear Posters In Your Living…

London-based graphic designer Salman Anjum tells me he likes three things in life: Jalopnik, Lancia and Top Gear. I'm guilty on all those counts as well. That's why I wanted to share these beautiful posters he designed with all of you. » 3/03/13 4:25pm 3/03/13 4:25pm

This Incredible Lancia Stratos Prototype Needs A New Home

I'm going to appeal to your sense of decency today, Jalops. Most of you are kind, generous and giving people. That's why I'm asking you to give a certain car a good home. » 1/20/13 10:30am 1/20/13 10:30am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Rally Lancia Fulvia Wallpaper Is Here

I feel like when it comes to Lancias, people always want to talk about the Stratos or the Delta Integrale. Those are phenomenal cars, but they're not the only great Lancias out there. » 1/19/13 5:00pm 1/19/13 5:00pm

Show Us The Fastest Small Italian Cars

Italians like to drive and have a good time, but they also understand that not everybody can afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Since they are also brilliant at designing revy engines, it's not surprising that when it comes to hot hatches and nimble sports cars, they don't have to go for the Golf GTI or an MX-5. From… » 1/01/13 11:00am 1/01/13 11:00am

Here's At Least One Great Reason To Be Glad Lancia's Not Dead

The few hours on Friday when car enthusiasts thought the Lancia name was to be killed by act of Fiat was a sad, sad time. No one really knows why, because when was the last time any of us even drove a Lancia? I don't think I've ever been near one in my whole life. » 11/03/12 3:01pm 11/03/12 3:01pm