Fast In The Bar, Slow In The Car: Lucha Libre Fairlady Gears Up For The…

Remember the Carrera Panamericana » 9/09/08 5:00pm 9/09/08 5:00pm-veteran '67 Nissan Fairlady a few months back? Those from Lucha Libre Racing are at it again, donning their wrestler masks, climbing in the Datsun, and heading to Mexico next month to race some more! These guys aren't just crazed Datsun racers looking for hoonage kicks- they'll be…

La Carrera Panamericana: Are Studebakers Amphibious?

Haller hooked us up with this example of an overcooked holiday meal. During this year's La Carrera Panamericana, Rusty Ward came through this corner a tad bit too hot and ended up dumping his Stude cop car into a stream. Luckily, Rusty and his co-driver James Miller escaped intact, and even hammered the car out… » 12/26/06 3:30pm 12/26/06 3:30pm

La Carrera Panamericana: Rachel's Story, Finally

As Coop pointed out, raceblogging is tough business when you're covering the kind of ground that the drivers on La Carrera Panamericana do. So of all of our La Carrera pals, Rachel ended up writing the least on the race. That's now changing. Scotto enlisted her to write a five-part story for 0-60. Go check it. » 12/12/06 2:00am 12/12/06 2:00am

La Carrera Panamericana Hangovers

Coming down off the end of a marathon drive is always a little tricky; adapting back into the real world after spending thousands of miles watching for hazards and pushing oneself to the limit. But as Coop notes, "Maybe the fear of death does this to you, but food tasted better, the air smelled sweeter, everything… » 11/27/06 11:30pm 11/27/06 11:30pm

A Whole Mess of La Carrera Panamericana

Haller, Rachel and Coop have all checked in with updates on the state of the race. There've been a number of hairy wrecks with at least one person, the navigator in an E-Type, landing in the hospital. Coop reports:
» 11/15/06 8:00pm 11/15/06 8:00pm

Hairball Alley, fo' schnizzle.

La Carrera Panamericana: Coop Checks In

Everyone's favorite fully-bearded Oklahoma-native pin-up, hot-rod and rock 'n' roll artist finally turned in a report from the Mexican road race, and he claims there's much more to come. He, Gerie Bledso and Jim Silver qualfied 7th and took 7th overall in the first stage. Then some do-gooder complained that their… » 11/13/06 10:15pm 11/13/06 10:15pm

La Carrera Panamericana: It's a Race, Not a Rally

Inverting the maxim constantly bandied about by competitors in the Gumball 3000 and Bullrun, among other events, La Carrera Panamericana is most assuredly a race. We've had radio silence from our correspondents from the last day as they were busy with qualifying (qualifying isn't mandatory for La Carrera, but a good… » 11/10/06 5:30pm 11/10/06 5:30pm

La Carrera Panamericana: Mothers of the Pearl

We ended up finding the website for Nicolina H bert and Anna S rensson's La Carrera effort, the pearl-gray Saab 96 simply down as the Pearl. It turns out that it started with the two women meeting at a party and striking up a conversation, when H bert admitted that she'd dreamed of doing the Mexican road race since… » 11/09/06 4:00pm 11/09/06 4:00pm

La Carrera Panamericana: The Pearl is Ready to Rock

Nicolina Hubert (right) and co-pilot Anna Sorensson are set to run their vintage Saab 96 — bearing the Steinbeckian sobriquet of "The Pearl" — in La Carrera Panamericana. The 96 was famously campaigned in rallies by Erik Carlsson back in the early 1960s and enjoyed a 20-year production run, with the last one… » 11/09/06 1:15am 11/09/06 1:15am

La Carrera Panamericana: Rachel Arrives in Veracruz

Ms. Larratt did a bunch of towing and hauling to get from the Eastern Midwest to the Southern Mexico, and just prior to that, a bunch of bandaging and rollcaging her Elise. We'll tell you this: preparing for an event like La Carrera is a whole helluva lot of work. We didn't manage to pull it off. But at least we've… » 11/09/06 12:15am 11/09/06 12:15am

La Carrera Panamericana: Coop Arrives in Veracruz

Wherein, Mister Chris Cooper and Se or Gerie Bledso make it to Veracruz and are greeted by a big, giant head. Plus, pictures of neat scenery and beyond-cool racing cars. If Coop can manage to stay awake after a day of high-speed navigating, we predict the boy's race reports will be wicked-awesome. Click over to the… » 11/08/06 11:45pm 11/08/06 11:45pm

Jalopnik Movie Night: French Documentary on La Carrera Panamericana

With a history that includes racing legends Phil Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio and Karl Kling, the Carrera Panamericana (now preceded by "La") is a race of primarily vintage cars (though an Unlimited Class allows relative youngsters) from Southern Mexico to the Texas border. First run in the early 1950s to celebrate the… » 11/07/06 4:52pm 11/07/06 4:52pm

More La Carrera Panamericana: Rachel's Blogging, Too!

A few long hours ago, we pointed you in the direction of Coop's Positive Ape Index in hopes of enlightening those of you who don't yet understand the sheer awesomeness of the Mexican Road Race. We also mentioned Rachel Larratt, who would be a mensch if mensches had vaginas. Plus, she's occasionally Canadian, has many… » 11/07/06 12:31am 11/07/06 12:31am

We're Not in Mexico, But Coop is: It's La Carrera Panamericana Time!

Because we suck, we are not running La Carrera Panamericana this year. We came oh-so-close, but funding and timing simply were not on our side. As such, we sit here and send our regards and good faith to the mighty Coop, who is navigating for Gerie Bledso on the historic side of things, and the awesome Rachel… » 11/06/06 2:00pm 11/06/06 2:00pm

Looking For Mister Goodcar: La Carrera's Unlimited Class Seeks FXX

So we were yammering with Haller too late at night, and as late-night yammering between car guys often ends up, ridiculous ideas spring forth. On the spot, he decided to offer free entry into La Carrera Panamericana's Unlimited Class to any hombre with cojones enough to subject his Ferrari FXX to the Mexican… » 9/04/06 9:00am 9/04/06 9:00am

Bullrun Madness!

So, as the kids in the cross-country, rich-people-rallying community (and those who obsessively follow such things) know, the Bullrun kicks off tomorrow in Spinelli's backyard. What only a few kids know, is that if all goes according to plan, Davey G. will be an embedded reporter with the crew of Kevin Ward's… » 7/21/06 8:00pm 7/21/06 8:00pm

Coop to Run La Carrera Panamericana?

We reported earlier today that Gerie Bledso was looking for a co-driver for La Carrera Panamericana. Noted artist, Jalopnik commenter, Plomb tool fetishist and all-around good guy
Coop lamented in the comments on the post that he wanted to run the race, but his license points had just returned to normal. » 7/14/06 10:00pm 7/14/06 10:00pm

Who Wants to Blast Up Mexico in a Studebaker?

Gerie Bledso needs a co-pilot for this November's La Carrera Panamericana. He's got a '54 Stude. '54 Studes are wicked-fast when prepared correctly, and according to Bret from The Unlimited Class, this one is indeed correctly prepared. If we were going, we'd dress as Kaiser Wilhelm and carry a photocopy of the… » 7/14/06 3:00pm 7/14/06 3:00pm

Our Mad Existence: Lincoln Carrera Panamericana Replica

While the Virgin of Guadalupe probably graced a number of dashboards in the Mexican Road Race, it's highly doubtful that Madonna will ever appear on the decklid of any of its competitors, especially since it went tits-up after 1954 — four years before Madge was born. However, Eva Peron did grace the trunk of one… » 6/30/06 12:30am 6/30/06 12:30am