La Carrera Panamericana: Rachel Arrives in Veracruz

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Ms. Larratt did a bunch of towing and hauling to get from the Eastern Midwest to the Southern Mexico, and just prior to that, a bunch of bandaging and rollcaging her Elise. We'll tell you this: preparing for an event like La Carrera is a whole helluva lot of work. We didn't manage to pull it off. But at least we've got Coop and Rachel safely ensconced in their firesuits. Check out her blog for photographic and written evidence of her thrash to get to the starting line.

Veracruz; Getting ready to run... [mil0]

La Carrera Panamericana: Coop Arrives in Veracruz

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Mike Spinelli

She will forever be "Counter Girl with Ear Guy" to me.