Blaze of Glory: Five Car Movies to Watch While High

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Because sometimes, even a car guy needs to sit back, turn on the TV, and...wait, what were we talking about?


In honor of the American Medical Association changing its policy on medical marijuana Tuesday, we bring you this list of five pot-friendly car flicks—and one bonus flick to sober up to. Were you the type of person to partake (and don't worry, we know you're not), this is what you would watch.

La Carrera Panamericana With Music by Pink Floyd

Year Debuted: 1992, VHS/DVD only
Director: Ian McArthur
Length: 65 minutes

Why Get Baked? Two decades ago, David Gilmour and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd ran La Carrera in a Jaguar C-Type replica while a friend filmed the competition. They then came home, set the whole thing to music, and packaged it for sale. The footage is often cheesy, the sound mix isn't always that great, and you have to be able to tolerate (or preferably enjoy) Pink Floyd, but under the right circumstances, it's the ultimate car-freak chill film. The 65-minute video works best when set on an endless loop in the garage while you' stuff. Yeah—that's all you do out there. Fix stuff.

C'était un Rendezvous

Year Debuted: 1976
Director: Claude Lelouch
Length: 9 minutes

Why Get Baked? Because it's short, romantic, and set to the yowl of a Ferrari 275 GTB. Because it's gloriously detailed—See the pigeons? See the fleeing pedestrians? See the mother on the sidewalk yanking her kid out out of the way?—and rewards repeat viewing. Because it's so multi-layered, it may as well be a cake. And because it's French. And the French always crack your mind open.


The Blues Brothers

Year Debuted: 1980
Director: John Landis
Length: 133 minutes

Why Get Baked? One word: Stax. The car chases are fantastic, the jokes are timeless, and the look on Dan Aykroyd's face—ever solemn, ever grave—is worth the price of admission. But the music is what keeps you coming back. Aykroyd and Belushi's sidemen were little more than the house band from legendary Memphis soul shop Stax Records, and every note they play drips with the hard-earned funk of an all-night tracking session. Few things drop you into a groove like watching a Dodge Monaco take over the world. Fewer still can claim to have an eight-track full of Sam and Dave.



Year Debuted: 1998
Director: John Frankenheimer
Length: 122 minutes

Why Get Baked? It's probably safe to say this is the only movie that combines the ear-melting howl of an E34 BMW M5 with the iron-jawed mugging of a middle-aged Robert Deniro. John Frankenheimer—the same man responsible for the epic Grand Prix—directed this one, and it's home to three of the best chase scenes ever filmed. The near-psychotic attention to detail (e.g., the M5 in question is a European-spec car and actually sounds like one) will likely freak you out, but even if you don't know how to spell your own name, the caper plot is easy to keep up with.


Corvette Summer

Year Debuted: 1978
Director: Matthew Robbins
Length: 105 minutes

Why Get Baked? Ingredients: One stolen Corvette. One post-Star-Wars Mark Hamill, deep in the throes of "Hey! I can be more than Luke!" typecasting paranoia. One road trip to get said 'Vette back. And a director who loves his four-wheeled cast so much that the main character comes across as little more than a background prop. Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's kitschy. And yes, you might fall asleep. But hell, this thing only makes sense when you're high.


Sober-up Special: Fifty Years of Formula 1 On Board

Year Debuted: 2004, DVD only
Length: 60 minutes
Director: N/A

Why Get Baked? In a word, don't. This is for when you really, really need to sober up. At $34.95 for an hour-long DVD, it's by no means cheap, but it's also more effective than mainlining an oil drum full of Red Bull. Play the clips chronologically, and you'll get a gentle wake-up call that transitions into a full-on, goes-to-eleven smackdown. Stirling Moss testing at Goodwood? Relaxing. Patrick Depallier doing an entire lap of Long Beach sideways? Attention-getting. Ayrton Senna going absolutely batshit during qualifying at Suzuka? Welcome to the world of the coherent. Now put some Visine in your eyes and try not to empty the fridge.



It's things like this that make me sad about society. The link between illegal activities and mainstream media is ridiculous. Constantly I'm being told "have safe sex" "drink responsibly" and "don't get high." But then every form of media, whether it's stupid shower gel ads, movies, or unfortunately even here on jalopnik encourage the opposite. And it's not that I'm on my moral high horse or a downer at a party, it's just that we need to take a firm stance on where we stand with these activities. And getting high is a mindless non productive activity, (so are a lot of things admittedly) which I'm ok with, but it's always like we want extremes in the US. But I stand with moderation. (moderate drinking, no smoking.)

So let me clarify this; we're promoting the idea that you should get high and watch 5 car movies all day sitting on the couch? Maybe it's just my young healthy mind but I was expecting more out of the wisdom of the older generation. But I guess I shouldn't let anything surprise me nowadays... #carmovies