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We reported earlier today that Gerie Bledso was looking for a co-driver for La Carrera Panamericana. Noted artist, Jalopnik commenter, Plomb tool fetishist and all-around good guy
Coop lamented in the comments on the post that he wanted to run the race, but his license points had just returned to normal.

However, since La Carrera is fully sanctioned by the Mexican government — and what's more, Bledso will handle the driving chores for all stages — the erstwhile Mr. Cooper's license is in no danger whatsoever. As such, he's apparently signed on for the race. We swear, now and then we flash back to our days in Fiddler on the Roof..."Matchmaker, Make me a match/Find me a find/Catch me a catch..." Maybe our future is as an aging Jewish lady. If, indeed, this happens, Gerie and Coop better list their names on at least one side of the car as Motel and Tzeitel. Make us proud, boys. [UPDATE: It's official!]

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