Fast In The Bar, Slow In The Car: Lucha Libre Fairlady Gears Up For The Mexican Road Race

Remember the Carrera Panamericana-veteran '67 Nissan Fairlady we saw at the Motoring J Style show a few months back? Those locos from Lucha Libre Racing are at it again, donning their wrestler masks, climbing in the Datsun, and heading to Mexico next month to race some more! These guys aren't just crazed Datsun racers looking for hoonage kicks- they'll be delivering much-needed school supplies to rural Mexican schoolkids en route. And because those supplies cost real money, they're selling team caps, shirts and decals; make the jump to see what I've done with my LLR decal. [Lucha Libre Racing]


You've got to have something extra to get your decal on my laptop, and Lucha Libre Racing has definitely earned a place of honor, along with Belvedere Adrian's I'm Gonna Total This Thing sticker, the Porcubimmer Pricks Inside sticker, Malt Liquor Tech, and Evil Genius Racing. So head on over to the Lucha Libre store and pick up some gear; better still, become a team sponsor!

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