The Loverman Gets Sweaty on the Quattroporte in Hotlanta

Frankly, it would've been funnier (and cheaper) if Maserati would've just handed Atlanta resident Henry Owings the keys to a few cars and let the Corolla-driving member of the Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences humiliate himself on the track. But it was probably more educational to fly out Jonny Lieberman, wine… »5/26/06 3:30pm5/26/06 3:30pm

Last Night Everything Broke/Dietrich Ate My Homework: Jalopnik/TTAC's AC Schnitzer Adventure

So what happens when two punk rockin' autojournalists attempt to make an attempt to retrace the route of Stefan and "Dietrich" in an AC Schnitzer-tuned 6-Series droptop while cranking Jawbreaker's Bivouac album? The front fascia decides to take a dirt-nap as a result of aerodynamic pressure at 70mph (approximately 90… »5/01/06 10:14pm5/01/06 10:14pm

Die Laughing in Pursuit Mode, Michael: Knight Rider Giddiness

Oh God. We don't even know where to go with this one. It all started with Erich Schulte's too-gut-busting review of the Knight Rider Season 1 DVD, and graduallly degenerated into a free-for-all on Ruthless Reviews' forum. Seriously, we're just gonna fast-forward you to page six of the stuff, where everything gets so… »4/17/06 7:19pm4/17/06 7:19pm

Girls Love Subarus/It's a Major Award: The Legamino!

While we were out and about with Jonny Loverman the other day in a Schnitzer-tuned 6-Series, we got no attention from women. Later, rolling through Santa Monica in his hotted-up Impreza five-door (like punk, but it's a car!), a hot girl totally blew kisses at us. Quoth Jonny: "I still don't understand why you got the… »4/14/06 12:07am4/14/06 12:07am