DOTSBE, Carolinas Edition: Mystery Mack Truck

We've had quite a few great Down On The Street Bonus Edition cars and pickups so far, but how about great big diesels? The kind that's inspired even more country tunes than Death Row? Fortunately, road-test guru Wes Siler and a certain Czech Corvette-drivin' Jonny Lieberman were down in the Carolinas and came across… » 4/08/08 3:30pm 4/08/08 3:30pm

Unlike D. B. Cooper, The Loverman Resurfaces!

Like all of you, I was very sad when the Loverman left us. In my case, it was especially tough, because Jonny was the Jalop who talked the Gawker Overlords into hiring me (and it's been quite a ride since my first post a little over a year ago). However, those of us who jones for the Loverman's writing chops can now… » 2/14/08 4:00pm 2/14/08 4:00pm

The Loverman Gets Sweaty on the Quattroporte in Hotlanta

Frankly, it would've been funnier (and cheaper) if Maserati would've just handed Atlanta resident Henry Owings the keys to a few cars and let the Corolla-driving member of the Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences humiliate himself on the track. But it was probably more educational to fly out Jonny Lieberman, wine… » 5/26/06 3:30pm 5/26/06 3:30pm

The Truth About the Loverman's Boxster Crush

Farago inexplicably lets go of a Porsche test and hands it over to Jonny Lieberman. The front end does not come unglued. The ass end does. Repeatedly and controllably. We will also not call The Loverman a hack driver, despite his self-assertion in the review. The boy is good. We usually hate riding shotgun, but with… » 5/04/06 10:03pm 5/04/06 10:03pm

Last Night Everything Broke/Dietrich Ate My Homework: Jalopnik/TTAC's AC Schnitzer Adventure

So what happens when two punk rockin' autojournalists attempt to make an attempt to retrace the route of Stefan and "Dietrich" in an AC Schnitzer-tuned 6-Series droptop while cranking Jawbreaker's Bivouac album? The front fascia decides to take a dirt-nap as a result of aerodynamic pressure at 70mph (approximately 90… » 5/01/06 10:14pm 5/01/06 10:14pm

Die Laughing in Pursuit Mode, Michael: Knight Rider Giddiness

Oh God. We don't even know where to go with this one. It all started with Erich Schulte's too-gut-busting review of the Knight Rider Season 1 DVD, and graduallly degenerated into a free-for-all on Ruthless Reviews' forum. Seriously, we're just gonna fast-forward you to page six of the stuff, where everything gets so… » 4/17/06 7:19pm 4/17/06 7:19pm

Now You're Playing With Power: Turbonique Madness

Friday, we posted on a company that to culture at large, has been locked in a dusty hallway of speed-equipment history. Thankfully, Iowahawk's on the case and promises even more Turbonique goodness, including the story of the corporation's demise and a chrome-plated, rocket-powered blower to be mounted on a… » 4/17/06 2:33pm 4/17/06 2:33pm

Girls Love Subarus/It's a Major Award: The Legamino!

While we were out and about with Jonny Loverman the other day in a Schnitzer-tuned 6-Series, we got no attention from women. Later, rolling through Santa Monica in his hotted-up Impreza five-door (like punk, but it's a car!), a hot girl totally blew kisses at us. Quoth Jonny: "I still don't understand why you got the… » 4/14/06 12:07am 4/14/06 12:07am

The Truth About Jeep's Faulty Brand Compass

We were introduced to Jonny Lieberman by a girl who could rebuild the top end of a motor and suck a golf ball through a coffee straw. We highly recommend her. In fact, our first meeting occurred in mixed company in a bar where women removed their clothes on a stage. Needless to say, Jonny's good people. It's also… » 3/30/06 1:43am 3/30/06 1:43am