The Truth About the Loverman's Boxster Crush

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Farago inexplicably lets go of a Porsche test and hands it over to Jonny Lieberman. The front end does not come unglued. The ass end does. Repeatedly and controllably. We will also not call The Loverman a hack driver, despite his self-assertion in the review. The boy is good. We usually hate riding shotgun, but with the exception of flying up an alley in his pseudo-rally car (and that was mainly due to what other folks might do), we felt perfectly content to check out the nubiles while he piloted. So what sayeth said Loverman?

Well, he rocks a mad WWII reference, which is only fitting, considering he once played bass in a band called Tarawa. Which is what they mostly sounded like.

"Take the rpms above 4,000 and the Battle of Midway is being waged behind your head. Screw that; the bombing of Dresden. I have never heard such monumental, merciless violence."


Okay, Jonny. We get it. But when was the last time you stood next to a Fueler as it lurches off the line? We know you love the car and all; hyperbole is fun, etc. But a Porsche is still not the Swamp Rat, no matter how many sexual references you make.

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