DOTSBE, Carolinas Edition: Mystery Mack Truck

We've had quite a few great Down On The Street Bonus Edition cars and pickups so far, but how about great big diesels? The kind that's inspired even more country tunes than Death Row? Fortunately, road-test guru Wes Siler and a certain Czech Corvette-drivin' Jonny Lieberman were down in the Carolinas and came across this amazing Mack parked in some haunted-looking pine woods. Make the jump to hear the Loverman's description:


Driving along the border of North and South Cackalacky in BMW's new Mars Rover X6 when suddenly Captain Siler and I happened upon this ghostly beaut. She'll never run and in a few years this green masterpiece will slide right down the cliff she's perched on. If I were richer, I'd buy a lot of land and make this Mack the focal point of my garden. Maybe get a couple of wooden Japanese bridges leading up to it. Not unreasonably, Wes became convinced that the owner was going to pop out of the dilapidated shack, shot gun in hand and kill us for trespassing. As the sign said, "Welcome, Now Git!" Still, I could have stood and stared all day.

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