Girls Love Subarus/It's a Major Award: The Legamino!

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While we were out and about with Jonny Loverman the other day in a Schnitzer-tuned 6-Series, we got no attention from women. Later, rolling through Santa Monica in his hotted-up Impreza five-door (like punk, but it's a car!), a hot girl totally blew kisses at us. Quoth Jonny: "I still don't understand why you got the kisses in the WRX and not in the Schnitzer..." Our theory after he jump.

"Because chicks feel sorry for cute boys with five-day growth in sunglasses and work jackets riding shotgun in hatchbacks. They don't feel sorry for those same guys in ridiculous BMWs.
Jesus, Jonny, aren't familiar with the concept of the mercy fuck?
That's how I roll these days, yo." (Somehow we get the feeling that even though he drives a non-hatchback STi, our boy TexansAreHot understands the power of this angle.)


Also, when we lived in Austin and the East Bay, we noticed the leaning of lesbians toward products of Fuji Heavy Industries. Reader David snapped this shot at a Twin-Cities-area Walgreens of a distaff-couple-owned Legacy that'd sloughed off any pretense of Baja-ness and went full BRAT. We love this car. We'd blow kisses to those girls anytime, no matter how averse to advances made by those of our gender they may or may not be.

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