Unsafe at Any Altitude: Corvair-Powered Plane Crashes

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Avalanche looms overhead/Airplane flies overhead/Important man sits by the window/Sucked out of the first class window


-H sker D

We were talking about the greatness of Candy Apple Grey with Jonny this afternoon. We didn't talk about Corvairs, which mostly remind us of a stripper named Holden in Las Vegas we had a wonderful time with last fall. She owned a Corvair. We wish she would've owned a Holden Ute SS. We would've bankrolled her college education. We mostly talked about the Clash and our personal memories of Joe Strummer; we never did bring up H sker D , but when we read about Norman Michaud of the Commonweath of Mass., a man who built an experimental aircraft with a Corvair engine over a period of ten years, we thought of three things — Holden, Ralph Nader, and "Crystal" by H sker D . We'd totally burn him a CD with her picture on it, except that we don't have a picture of her. [Thanks to the T-blt for the tip.]


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