2010 Mercury Milan, Hybrid And Lincoln MKZ: Live Cars For The Pulse-Free

Ford just revealed the 2010 Ford Fusion »11/19/08 5:30pm11/19/08 5:30pm and the and now we can bring you the live reveals on its platform pals the and the . The Fusions two upmarket friends split the hairs of luxury with the Milan going after the Euro-snob luxury buyer who can't afford a Euro-snob nameplate while the Lincoln chases the McCainiacs…

Dealers Worried Mercury To Go The Way Of The Dodo, Waiting For A Ford Clubbing

It can't be fun to be a Lincoln Mercury dealer right now. Not only do you have to endure your Cadillac Buick dealer friends showing off their relatively diverse and unique stable of new models, but there's no clear idea of what your future is going to hold. An article in the Detroit News features various dealers of… »5/27/08 9:40am5/27/08 9:40am

Ad Watch: Jill Wagner Can Make A Mercury Mariner With Her Hot, Bare Hands

Yes, not as much Jill Wagner as we'd like, but hell, we'll take as much of her as FoMoCo will give us. In this episode of Blade commercialism from the not-Ford brand, our fair heroine is explaining how she can single-handedly re-badge a Ford product as a Mercury by placing the badge in the middle of thin air,… »3/29/07 2:00pm3/29/07 2:00pm

Adventures In Not-So-Subliminal Car Advertising: We're Thinking Of A Number, Any Two-Digit Number...

This newspaper ad for a Queens auto dealership could be the world's most obvious attempt at linking sex with buying a car. Still, considering it's an ad for the Hyundai Elantra and the Sonata — that may not be the worst idea to move some product. Hell, maybe they should try that shit out with the Dodge Magnum or… »1/30/07 10:12am1/30/07 10:12am

Wagging Over Jill Wagner's Shoes: Mercury Spokesmodel's Pumps Hotter Than The Cars She's Pushing

We know its only tangentially auto-related, but we just can't get enough of Mercury spokeswoman Jill Wagner — and it seems other women can't get enough of her either. It appears the new hotness in the latest looking-for-metro-cool Mercury commercial has little to do with the cars. According to today's Freep, hubbies… »7/03/06 9:45am7/03/06 9:45am

Heating Up The Mercury: Brand Spokeswoman Jill Wagner Looking Hot And Bothered On the Small Screen In 'Blade'

Tho' we're neither mag nor lad mag, we do know a hot-as-hell spokeswoman when we see her — and no talking head's been hotter (in both Google-dom and on the boob-tube) than Mercury's Jill Wagner. She's hot — and so's her latest resume entry for the smaller-than-silver screen. She's got the role of sultry double-agent… »7/01/06 11:28pm7/01/06 11:28pm

Mercury's Spokesmodel Outed: Jill Wagner in the Blogosphere

Those who've been pining for Mercury's new spokesmodel now have a name to Google for scantily clad lad-mag shots. According to the blog, Population Statistic and other 'net denizens, she is none other than Jill Wagner, late of "Punk'd" and (guest spots on) "Dr. Vegas" (do we remember that show?). We hope she'll… »10/25/05 2:48pm10/25/05 2:48pm