Wagging Over Jill Wagner's Shoes: Mercury Spokesmodel's Pumps Hotter Than The Cars She's Pushing

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We know its only tangentially auto-related, but we just can't get enough of Mercury spokeswoman Jill Wagner — and it seems other women can't get enough of her either. It appears the new hotness in the latest looking-for-metro-cool Mercury commercial has little to do with the cars. According to today's Freep, hubbies are looking to get their wifeys into some Mercury-model-flavored sex-capades, and rather than buying their old lady a Mercury Milan, they're looking to buy Wagner's shoes. The shoes, a brown pair of Alaia Paris heels, were purchased by Wagner at up-scale department store Neiman Marcus. Sounds like good news for Neiman, right? Wrong — apparently the heels are like mallomars in the heat of summer — nowhere to be seen on store shelves.

Not only can't you find the shoes at Neiman, apparently you can't even find them on eBay or Froogle — folks have even taken to calling into the ad agency producing the spot, Wunderman Detroit. We couldn't even find a picture of the shoes — the screen capture from above is really from Wagner's first ad airing last year. With the hot-like-fire Wagner now in a hit tv show, we bet it's only time before Neiman pushes Alaia Paris to pop more of those kicks out of Malaysian sweat shops. Faster, children, faster!


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