Heating Up The Mercury: Brand Spokeswoman Jill Wagner Looking Hot And Bothered On the Small Screen In 'Blade'

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Tho' we're neither mag nor lad mag, we do know a hot-as-hell spokeswoman when we see her — and no talking head's been hotter (in both Google-dom and on the boob-tube) than Mercury's Jill Wagner. She's hot — and so's her latest resume entry for the smaller-than-silver screen. She's got the role of sultry double-agent Krista Starr in the the new and hot Spike TV show "Blade" airing just the other night for the very first time. So, consider this something like a public service announcement for the smokingly hot and well-spoken face-woman for the looking-to-be-metro-cool Mercury brand...if you haven't seen her hotness yet, you can download a free copy of the show via iTunes from now until July 11th. Fapp away lads, fapp away far from here.

Download Blade TV Pilot Free [ComicBookMovie.com]


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