Subaru's 600 HP Isle Of Man STi: Inside One Of The Fastest Sedans On Earth

Subaru’s factory-backed driver and madman Mark Higgins broke the Isle of Man record this year for four-wheeled vehicles not once but twice in one week. The lovely folks over at Subaru had me out to the Isle of Man to take a close look at the car. I can tell you they didn’t just build a car—they built a weapon.


Here’s The Lap That Destroyed The Isle Of Man TT Record, Narrated By The Driver

Earlier this month, Subaru driver Mark Higgins set a blazing average speed of 128.72 mph at one of the most treacherous race courses there is at the Isle of Man TT race. The record-shattering lap was fun enough to watch from outside of the car, but now there’s footage from inside—narrated by Higgins himself.

See The Isle Of Man Bike Race From The Only View Better Than A Rider's

When we’re talking Isle Of Man motorcycling, we throw words around like “fastest,” “scariest.” “Deadliest.” 120 miles per hour through country lanes? You imagine it to be insane, of course. But there’s never been a better way to witness it for yourself than through this 360º race-pace ride footage.

What Can You Learn From Mark Higgins On A Lap Of The Isle Of Man TT Course?

Mark Higgins set the speed record in a car for the Isle of Man TT course earlier this week, and now he’s back to show some quietly terrified journalists (minus Jalopnik’s own racer-correspondent Robb Holland, who is covering the event and is also incapable of fear) just how crazy you have to be to attempt such a…