GIF via Autocar on YouTube

Earlier this month, Subaru driver Mark Higgins set a blazing average speed of 128.72 mph at one of the most treacherous race courses there is at the Isle of Man TT race. The record-shattering lap was fun enough to watch from outside of the car, but now thereā€™s footage from insideā€”narrated by Higgins himself.

The shattered record was Higginsā€™ own, which was at 19 minutes and 15 seconds two years ago. He first beat the record with a time of 17:49.75 this year, only to lower it down to 17:35 just two days later. The car runs made for some amazing GIFs, and some even better on-board footage.

The heart-rate monitor, temperature gauge and elevation chart that frame the video make it even more fun to watch:

If 20 minutes of car action wasnā€™t enough and youā€™d like to ride along for the record-breaking motorcycle run around the race courseā€”which went under 17 minutesā€”head on over here to watch it. Thereā€™s 360-degree ride footage from another rider, too.