See The Isle Of Man Bike Race From The Only View Better Than A Rider's

(Image: Bell)

When we’re talking Isle Of Man motorcycling, we throw words around like “fastest,” “scariest.” “Deadliest.” 120 miles per hour through country lanes? You imagine it to be insane, of course. But there’s never been a better way to witness it for yourself than through this 360º race-pace ride footage.

You’re running the Isle Of Man TT course through the eyes of bike racing pro Gary Johnson here. Johnson, now in his mid-thirties, “has been on motorcycles almost since he was old enough to walk” according to his bio.


Switching from dirt bikes in motocross to sportbikes on asphalt in 2004, fans have seen Johnson rip ridiculous speeds on Yamahas, Triumphs, and in this year’s Senior TT race, a BMW.

Johnson worked his way up to third place from a seventh-place starting position but did not manage to finish the event according to RoadRacingWorld.

(Image: Bell)

But don’t worry, two minutes is all you’re going to be able to handle of the footage from his Bell Pro Star 360Fly helmet.


Just push play, click on the screen and move your cursor around to see anything from his perspective at race pace. Having a trash bag handy is recommended.

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