Cars that time forgot - Geo Storm GSi

I decided to go in a slightly different route this time as the car in question today is neither a 1-year only special edition nor is it a limited production unicorn. In fact, the Geo Storm can be found relatively easy by CTTF standards. The GSi is by no means common, but with production numbers in the thousands it is… »3/21/14 3:50pm3/21/14 3:50pm


PCH, Isuzu PUNishment Edition: Turbo Impulse or Bagged P'up?

I thought about maybe sticking with French Car Hell for another day (by the way, the pair of Citröen SMs manhandled the Simca 1000 like Burt Reynolds slapping around his Maserati-owning girlfriend in yesterday's poll), but the descent into Isuzu Pun Hell in yesterday's racing I-Mark post can mean only one thing:… »2/01/08 5:00pm2/01/08 5:00pm

PCH, Island Nation Edition: Honda Rover or Lotus Isuzu?

So yesterday we pitted a couple of classic Motown wagons against each other in the Choose Your Eternity poll, and the result was so close to a tie as to make no difference (with the Dodge photo-finishing past the Ford). Today we're going to look at a couple of cooperative efforts between the island of the Rising Sun… »9/25/07 5:30pm9/25/07 5:30pm