Amtrak Chose Not To Deluge Penn Station During Hurricane Sandy

While Hurricane Sandy raged over the New York metropolitan area, the underground infrastructure of the city began to flood. Now Amtrak is revealing that they could have let Penn Station flood instead of the Hudson River tunnels, using a long-forgotten barrier designed to protect the city during World War II. » 8/25/13 2:00pm 8/25/13 2:00pm

New York Auctions Cars Trashed By Hurricane Sandy For As Low As $300

Need a car on the cheap? Don't want one of those crazy 97-month car loans they offer now? Then head on down to your local New York City public auction for the deal of the century: cars as low as $300 just because they were obliterated during Hurricane Sandy. » 4/20/13 12:12pm 4/20/13 12:12pm

This Airport Is Covered In Thousands Of Cars Ruined By Sandy

Hurricane/Snor'Eastercane/Superstorm Sandy ruined thousands upon thousands of cars on the East Coast in a matter of days. So where do you put all of these now ruined rides? » 1/03/13 3:00pm 1/03/13 3:00pm

This American Hero Used His Prius To Light His House After Hurricane…

Hurricane Sandy and its aftereffects have left scores of people in the Northeast still without power. But even a giant hurricane can't stop the power of American ingenuity — even if it required a Japanese car. » 11/11/12 10:00am 11/11/12 10:00am

Watch Hurricane Sandy's Floods Destroy These NYPD Police Cars (And 192…

Although we don't care to see them in our rearview mirrors with their lights flashing, we at Jalopnik are generally fans of the police car. They're just like regular cars, except tougher and built for fightin' crime. » 11/10/12 3:00pm 11/10/12 3:00pm

Gas Rationing Hits New York City

Ever since Hurricane Sandy, gasoline has been in short supply in the areas hit by the super storm. Lines for fuel in some areas have become ordeals that last for hours. » 11/08/12 3:45pm 11/08/12 3:45pm

An Army Truck Killed A Pedestrian While Delivering Relief Supplies In…

The cleanup effort in New York City is grinding along slowly, but a National Guard unit from Ohio experienced a major setback when one of its drivers accidentally ran over an elderly pedestrian on Canal Street. » 11/08/12 2:30pm 11/08/12 2:30pm

How Not To Tow A Bentley

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there are cars all over the place that were severely wounded by the storm and are now being towed to mechanics and homes around the tri-state area. » 11/07/12 4:00pm 11/07/12 4:00pm

Gourmet Food Trucks Feed Storm Battered And Starved Coney Island…

Coney Island took a beating from Superstorm Sandy. Way down by the Atlantic Ocean at the south end of Brooklyn, flooding and high winds exacted a heavy toll on the seaside community. Most residents are still without power, and gasoline and food are scarce. » 11/06/12 1:30pm 11/06/12 1:30pm

This Fire Department Donated A Truck To Firefighters In Queens That…

Many people lost a lot of things when Snor'eastercane Sandy hit the Mid-Atlantic states. But when public safety people lose equipment, destruction-related problems become compounded. » 11/05/12 2:30pm 11/05/12 2:30pm

What Can I Do To Help After A Disaster?

Dear Lifehacker,
Hurricane Sandy was rough on me. Now that my power is back on and I'm getting things back to normal, what can I do to help people who are still struggling? » 11/05/12 1:00pm 11/05/12 1:00pm

Cool Cars Of The Blackout

Answering the question of ‘will it hurricane?' these are some of the coolest cars I found in blacked-out Lower Manhattan. Up top is a '70s Lincoln Continental. Below are the GranTurismo MC Stradales of Maserati of Manhattan and a new Dodge Challenger across the street. Then there's the proud blackout Tesla. At the… » 11/02/12 5:28pm 11/02/12 5:28pm

A Pair Of Golf Karts Turned Fiberglass Color-Changing Bugs In The…

I have no idea what these two creations were doing on Franklin Street in SoPo. It's hard to find words how strange it was to see these out of the corner of my eye, glowing within the darkness. » 11/02/12 5:04pm 11/02/12 5:04pm

“What’s Bad About It?” “It’s Fucking New York” - A Report From People…

"I DROVE A SEMI HERE –" I'm talking to a tough guy with a biker mustache working with a group of trucks pumping water out of buildings near the South Street Seaport, deep in the Lower Manhattan blackout. There's a din from the generators running around us, but he's just talking in that loud way that a lot of my… » 11/02/12 2:35pm 11/02/12 2:35pm

This car washed up eight miles away from its kiddie ride at Seaside…

This car washed up eight miles away from its kiddie ride at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Sandy is always finding ways to add insult to injury. » 11/02/12 11:56am 11/02/12 11:56am

In-Car Video Shows The Difference Between Life Above And Below The…

This is the descent into darkness below 34th street. Life where the power is on is completely as normal, but once you get down to where there are no lights, no traffic lights, things get very different. » 11/02/12 10:34am 11/02/12 10:34am

Want A Hot Shower In A Blackout? Get A Business Class Ticket

Hurricane Sandy hit Jersey City pretty hard. During the storm on Monday night, we had about three to four feet of water on the ground. I watched as water killed every car in the lot across the street, their alarms and horns blaring until they were drowned. » 11/01/12 3:11pm 11/01/12 3:11pm