Many people lost a lot of things when Snor'eastercane Sandy hit the Mid-Atlantic states. But when public safety people lose equipment, destruction-related problems become compounded.

The West Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department, located near John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, lost everything: two pumper trucks, two ambulances, and a brush truck.

The Hooversville Volunteer Fire Company, located outside of Pittsburgh, wondered what they could do to help after the storm devastated much of the New York City area. They found out about the West Hamilton department's loss and decided to donate a 1981 Mack pumper truck they'd been trying unsuccessfully to sell.

The truck is fully kitted out with a 500-gallon tank, hose, a generator, and lights, so it looks like it'll be doing someone some good after all. At a time like this, every fire truck counts. We'd hate to see another Breezy Point disaster.

Photo credit: Associated Press