In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there are cars all over the place that were severely wounded by the storm and are now being towed to mechanics and homes around the tri-state area.

The problem is that some tow truck operators aren't really doing it with much care. Take this poor Bentley. Please. Take it away from this guy.

The driver is dragging the Continental GTC by the rear-wheels and is letting the fronts just go whatever way they will. The big problem is that the Conti is all-wheel drive, and towing is usually a big no-no for cars like that.

Now, the owner of this car is probably pretty upset that it was damaged in the flood and would be even more upset if he saw this video. Or he may be the person that drove a Bentley GTC right into the floods during the storm.


If that's the case, we doubt he cares.

(Hat Tip to Erzhik!)