This American Hero Used His Prius To Light His House After Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy and its aftereffects have left scores of people in the Northeast still without power. But even a giant hurricane can't stop the power of American ingenuity — even if it required a Japanese car.

NBC News reports that Paramus, New Jersey retiree Bob Sakala has been using his Toyota Prius to power lights, laptops and a TV inside his home since he lost power. Sakala told NBC News that he read about using a Prius as a power source on the Internet a few years ago and then decided to give it a shot.

How did Sakala do it, you ask? He used a 100-watt power inverter that he plugged into the cigarette lighter, and ran his devices off of that. Sakala later upgraded to a 300-watt inverter leading his neighbors to believe that his Prius was a magical, electricity generating spaceship. In the week since the storm, he has used three-quarters of a tank of gas to power his home. It's a solution that other Prius owners have tried before.


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Our hat is off to this guy for his clever solution to a tough problem. What are some other unconventional ways to use cars that hurricane victims should know about?

Photo credit NBC News

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