For $595,000 You Could Have Your Very Own Airwolf

Between the A-Team, Miami Vice and Knight Rider, the 1980s was a classic era in television for people who love cool machines. But the short-lived Airwolf was my favorite 80s show of all because it featured a secret “stealth” and “supersonic” helicopter based on the Bell 222. Now, 30 years after the show was on the… »9/24/15 6:33pm9/24/15 6:33pm


It Will Cost A Mere $95 To Cross Manhattan Tomorrow

The Pope, AKA Pope Francis, AKA “Cool Pope,” is a heavenly man. But since he’s visiting New York, he will officially make travel here a living hell. Thankfully, a helicopter service in New York will raise all of our cross-town travels a little closer to God, as they’re offering the low-low rate of $95 just to go from… »9/24/15 10:34am9/24/15 10:34am

Low Flying Helicopters Don't Belong In Pit Lane

Holden Racing Team’s James Courtney was sidelined from this weekend’s activities at Sydney Motorsports Park from being hit in the ribs with a metal wall before the second practice session. Air from the blades of a low flying Navy helicopter picked up the garage dividers and tossed them like toys in the pits.
»8/22/15 9:15am8/22/15 9:15am

These Idiots Pointed A Laser At A Police Helicopter 

If pointing a laser at an aircraft is a bad idea (trust me, it is a very bad idea) then pointing a laser at a police air unit is basically like calling ahead to make yourself a reservation in jail. This video shows three individuals in Vaughan, Ontario doing exactly that. If you’re in the mood for some justice porn… »8/19/15 8:41pm8/19/15 8:41pm

Watch 25 Robinson Helicopters Fly In Formation Over Russia

In films like Apocalypse Now and Black Hawk Down, helicopters fill the screen and sky like locusts. But seeing dozens of private helicopters – flown by civilians – in perfect formation is as rare as it is impressive, and earlier this summer, 25 Robinson helicopters joined up over Russia in a successful attempt to set… »8/07/15 6:45pm8/07/15 6:45pm

Felix Baumgartner Is A Crazy Person, Chases Drift Car In Helicopter

Unwilling to rest on the laurels of his various skydiving records, Felix Baumgartner has once again taken to the sky, albeit this time much closer to Earth. His newest flavor of insanity is chasing a drift car around a Polish air base in an acrobatic helicopter, which looks like a mashup between Mission: Impossible »8/05/15 3:52pm8/05/15 3:52pm

The Anaheim Angels Just Used A Helicopter To Dry Off Their Outfield

Los Angeles finally received some rainfall over the weekend, but not enough to delay tonight’s doubleheader at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. This evening, America’s favorite pastime will be brought to fans by the 712 turboshaft horsepower of the City of Anaheim’s Police Department helicopter, an American Eurocopter AS350. »7/20/15 8:32pm7/20/15 8:32pm

This Helicopter 'Bambi Bucket' Demo In The Alps Is Gorgeous

This breathtaking video showing one of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Helicopters AS350 Écureuils hauling a Bambi Bucket through the French Alps will make you want to go take your first helicopter flying lesson. This little video has it all, an awesome perspective, gorgeous terrain and some heart pumping moves by the pilot. »7/06/15 12:27pm7/06/15 12:27pm

Watch a 10-engine drone transform from a helicopter into a plane

NASA’s Greased Lightning GL-10 is a beast of a drone (it has 10 engines!) that’s the closest thing we have to a Transformer in real life. It can flip itself into a helicopter and then fly like an airplane and then revert back to helicopter mode. It’s awesome seeing the wings tilt back and forth as it changes gears.
»6/20/15 12:50pm6/20/15 12:50pm

Watch Kenny Loggins Enter Danger Zone As Massive Chopper Lands On Beach

An enormous US Marine CH-53 helicopter was forced to land on a beach near San Diego yesterday after it encountered an oil problem. The fact that the crew was able to land on the beach is nothing short of amazing, and the video is incredible, but possibly even better was that Kenny Loggins was there. »4/16/15 10:38am4/16/15 10:38am

One Of America's Biggest Military Choppers Just Landed On A Random Beach

A US Marine CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter just landed on a random beach near San Diego, according to the local NBC affiliate. The 3rd Marine Air Wing operating out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar said that the massive chopper went in for an emergency landing after a “low oil pressure” warning light went on. »4/15/15 5:09pm4/15/15 5:09pm

Army Black Hawk Disappears Off The Florida Panhandle, 11 Missing

Around 8:30PM last night a Black Hawk (UH-60) helicopter went missing around Eglin AFB, located on the Florida Panhandle. Four Army crew and seven Marines were said to be missing. The UH-60 was part of a flight of two, with the other returning safely to base under foggy conditions. There remains an ongoing search and… »3/11/15 9:11am3/11/15 9:11am

This Trusty U.S. Chopper Is Heading Home After a Decade of War

"We fly like nobody else in the Army," Col. Michael Musiol, commander of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, recently told Stars and Stripes. He's right. The OH-58 Kiowa family of helicopters has been serving on the front lines—both as an advanced scout and emergency evacuator—for nearly 50 years. But as its tenure in… »12/03/14 2:30pm12/03/14 2:30pm

The Stealthy Chopper That Sneaks Special Forces Behind Enemy Lines

Blackhawks and Apaches may be the poster-choppers of America's Special Forces but much of the heavy lifting that makes those missions possible is handled by the venerable CH-47G Chinook. And with the most recent round of modernizations, this Vietnam-era workhorse is ready for the 21st century. »10/02/14 12:02pm10/02/14 12:02pm