I'm Filing A Formal Request That This Never be Done Again

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Image: Red Bull

Are you the daredevil type? Would you take a little jelly bean with a tail up in the air and do flips in it until you were bored? That’s exactly what Red Bull pilot Aaron Fitzgerald did over the Hudson River in New York. Flips, rolls, nose dives, and other crazy shenanigans were accomplished with a great amount of luck and skill applied. The visuals are insane.

I’m going to confess right here that helicopters scare the shit out of me. I’ve been up in three of them in my life, and it’ll be a cold day in hell that I get in a fourth of my own free will. I don’t understand how they operate, I don’t care to learn, and I fear them greatly. That goes double for helicopters flying upside-down. This is the work of a dark power.

This isn’t the first time Red Bull has pulled off inadvisable aeronautic tricks, either.


When the little Peppy Hare in your head says “Do a barrel roll” you aren’t actually supposed to do it.

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now i need to know how you both hate helicopters and have been in 3? i love helicopter and I've only been in 4. one of those was a drill that the pilot became incapacitated. that was fun.