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An elk brought down a helicopter yesterday in Wasatch County, Utah, escalating the long and bitter war between elks and helicopters. How, you ask? With a jump, authorities said.


The helicopter was out trying to capture elks for a state project studying their migration patterns when one of the elks sought its proper revenge, according to Fox13:

“A helicopter crew was in the process of capturing Elk for the state of Utah,” the Wasatch County Search & Rescue wrote. “The cow elk somehow jumped up and hit the tail rotor of the chopper. This almost severed the tail rotor and ended the flight of this chopper.”

The two people who were aboard the helicopter were not injured and only suffered minor cuts and bruises, search and rescue said.

Both individuals were checked by EMS workers.

The helicopter is a total loss.

The elk died, county officials said, though it will live long in the memories of its fellow elks.


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