32% of 2014 Indycar Drivers Have Never Won a Championship. Ever.

A basic prerequisite for becoming a professional Indycar driver is winning junior level championships, right? Not so much. With the exception of SCCA amateur racing or a Skip Barber regional series, eight out of the 25 drivers listed on the Indycar site as competing this year have never won an automobile racing… » 4/03/14 9:37am 4/03/14 9:37am

For $26,995, take home the Grand Prix

The era of grandiose American luxury coupes is long gone, and those who still jones for a big two-door boat from the past have to put up with their utter lack of modern amenities. That is unless they buy today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom '71 Grand Prix, which has been modernized. Its price however, has also been… » 12/05/11 8:00am 12/05/11 8:00am