This Company Will Ruin Your McLaren 12C Spider For Just $35,000

Do you own a McLaren 12C Spider? Do you hate its subtle styling, reminiscent of classic car design of the 1960s and '70s? Great! You can pay Gemballa $35,000 to ruin it for you. » 5/21/13 9:24am 5/21/13 9:24am

Show Us The Worst Euro Tuner Cars Of The '80s

It was probably the cocaine that turned the performance oriented tuning scene of the seventies into something very different a decade later. Or David Hasselhoff's hairy chest. » 1/09/13 3:00pm 1/09/13 3:00pm

Genuine Diamond Coating Is A New Level Of Automotive Excess

German Porsche Tuner Gemballa welcomed the next innovation in ridiculously expensive and hardly necessary automotive modifications this past week with the announcement they have engineered a process which will allow customers to coat the interior or exterior of their cars with genuine diamonds. » 5/27/12 9:00am 5/27/12 9:00am

For $44,777, Fo-Fo-Fo-Foolin’

The Gemballa Mirage GT took Porsche's audacious Carrera GT and gave it more of everything. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Gemballa-aping Boxster also has more — more fiberglass, more inches between the wheels — but does it come with a price that should be less? » 1/31/12 8:00am 1/31/12 8:00am

Driver who survived 199 mph supercar crash is new Gemballa owner

The guy who miraculously survived the 199 mph Zonda F crash is none other than Steffen Korbach who invested heavily in the company after founder Uwe Gemballa was murdered. You think he'd be smarter than to tempt fate. » 2/21/11 5:15pm 2/21/11 5:15pm

Uwe Gemballa Found Dead In South Africa

Uwe Gemballa — who ran a company featuring Porsche upgrades and disappeared soon after arriving in South Africa five months ago — has been found dead, shot execution-style in the head. » 10/02/10 6:30pm 10/02/10 6:30pm

Tuner Shop Closes Doors After 30 Years, Owner Still Missing

Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa's tuning shop closed last week after 30 years of business following his mysterious disappearance in South Africa. Now friends say Gemballa may have "chose to disappear" after an argument with his wife. » 5/17/10 1:00pm 5/17/10 1:00pm

Uwe Gemballa's Hiding In Angola?

On today's episode of "Where In The World Are Uwe Gemballa?" everyone's favorite missing German tuner is on the run in Luanda, Angola. Plus, a special guest appearance by Czech fugitive billionaire Radovan Krejcir! Cue Rockapella. » 3/08/10 2:00pm 3/08/10 2:00pm

German Police Investigating Uwe Gemballa For Financial Impropriety

Missing German Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa is now under investigation by authorities in Stuttgart on suspicion of financial impropriety. Also, his family's suspended the reward for information regarding his whereabouts. Both revelations will turbocharge rumors he's not a kidnapping victim. » 3/05/10 11:00am 3/05/10 11:00am

Who The Hell Is Uwe Gemballa?

German Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa disappeared last week, and his whereabouts are still unknown. The exotic-car world is in an uproar — kidnapping! aliens! Butzi! — but we keep returning to one question: Why don't we know anything about him? » 2/24/10 3:00pm 2/24/10 3:00pm

Gemballa Files For Insolvency, Questions Mount Over Owner's…

There's new evidence this morning German Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa may have staged his disappearance. A representative confirms Uwe Gemballa's wife filed for insolvency on behalf of her husband's tuning company, Gemballa Automobiltechnik GmbH & Company. Das is nicht gut! » 2/23/10 10:00am 2/23/10 10:00am

Uwe Gemballa Classified As "Missing Person," German Police Head To…

The search for exotic-car tuner Uwe Gemballa continues: German state police recently sent officers to South Africa and classified this as a "missing person" case. Where did you go, Uwe? » 2/22/10 2:45pm 2/22/10 2:45pm

The Uwe Gemballa Disappearance: Update

On Tuesday we reported that Uwe Gemballa had disappeared in South Africa, repeating CarsUK's suggestion that he could have planned his own disappearance. Today we spoke to Gemballa. Here's what they had to say. » 2/18/10 12:30pm 2/18/10 12:30pm

Gemballa Owner Not "Missing," Just Hiding From Government

Yesterday, the exotic car world was preparing to mourn the loss of tuner Uwe Gemballa, who "disappeared" in South Africa last week. Turns out he's probably still alive, but we should prepare to mourn the loss of his company anyway. » 2/16/10 12:30pm 2/16/10 12:30pm

Gemballa MIG-U1 Tunes Ferrari Enzo Up To 11

Obviously the Ferrari Enzo is wildly understated. It's barely passable as a pauper's car. That's why the Gemballa MIG-U1 takes the plain-vanilla bodywork and kicks it up a bit, finally making a reasonable conveyance for totally legitimate Russian businessman. » 1/04/10 3:15pm 1/04/10 3:15pm

Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition: Speed Through Lightness, Whiteness

Been shopping for a Porsche Carrera GT but haven't found one with enough white paint and exposed carbon fiber? You're in luck, because there's plenty of both on the Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition. » 2/26/09 12:00pm 2/26/09 12:00pm

Million-Dollar Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT Smacked Around At Track Day

This Gemballa-modded Porsche » 10/27/08 9:00am 10/27/08 9:00am is worth about $1 million — or was, before the owner smashed it up during a club event at the Circuit Paul Ricard in France. We hope the owner of this wrecked read our post about changes before he hit the asphalt. Fortunately he was unharmed, and the report even states he was joking…

Russians Demand Maybach Taxi Cabs, Porsche Cayennes Too

What car do you think of when you imagine a Russian taxi cab? A Lada? Maybe a Volga? Well apparently we need to change our perceptions, because these Russian taxis are quite different. These cabs are a Maybach 62 and a Gemballa-tuned Porsche Cayenne. But why would you want to ride around in such a vulgar means of… » 4/03/08 3:15pm 4/03/08 3:15pm

Gemballa Mirage GT, Now with Glitter

Gemballa's Mirage GT is just the thing for the Shikh who has everything. Seriously, everything. And that includes holdings in a glitter factory on the Ivory Coast. The paint on this particular specimen, one of 25 to be produced, either illustrates the possibilities for customization Gemballa offers, or reminds us that… » 10/04/07 9:58am 10/04/07 9:58am