Ask McLaren Chief Designer Frank Stephenson Anything You Want

Frank Stephenson has gone down a career path that most of us only wish we could have done. He's designed some of the most amazing cars ever, including the Ferrari F430 and the McLaren 12C. And now he's taken some time from his schedule to talk to you, the Jalopnik readers. Have at it! » 8/17/13 2:34pm 8/17/13 2:34pm

Ferrari Yank to Get Top Design Job at Alfa Romeo

You'd be tempted to think the Ferrari F430 was the work of someone named Count Gianmarco Belladonna d'Luccese Donorificio the Fair, or insert renaissance moniker here. Not even close, Jack. Its the work of Frank Stephenson, a Yank educated at Pasadena, though a Fiat man from way back. Now, Stephenson is taking over the … » 6/14/07 6:49am 6/14/07 6:49am