You Can Lease This Electric Car For Virtually Nothing

Leasing might get a bad rap among some folks, but when an all-electric Fiat leases so cheap the fuel savings neutralize your lease payments, that’s a tough deal to pass up. A bunch of California racers recently took advantage of this offer and snatched more than 80 Fiat 500e models in a single weekend. »3/23/15 11:45am3/23/15 11:45am


The Fiat 500E Is An Electric Car You Can Only Buy In California

California's population was at about 37,691,912 profoundly weird human beings as of last July, meaning it makes up roughly 12% of the entire population of the United States. If you're one of these 12% you can buy yourself a Fiat 500E electric car. The rest of you can fuggedaboutit because Fiat won't sell you one… »11/28/12 9:30am11/28/12 9:30am