The MOMO Livery Contest Winners Look Even Better In Person

The Jalopnik Bump lives on! We've left our mark right at the front of the Momo Ferrari 458 and Porsche 911 that received the livery-by-Internet treatment during the Pirelli World Challenge offseason. Here are the livery contest winners you helped choose. Ya done good, Internet. Ya done real good. » 3/07/15 7:48pm 3/07/15 7:48pm

Huge Crash Crumples Mark Webber's Porsche 919 Into A Little Fiery Ball

A massive crash took Mark Webber in the number 20 Porsche out of the race in the last hour of the World Endurance Championship's 6 Hours of São Paulo. The Porsche 919 collided with Matteo Cressoni in the number 90 Ferrari 458 of 8 Star Motorsports, then hit the wall. » 11/30/14 4:17pm 11/30/14 4:17pm

We're Hanging Out With Ferrari Challenge Racers All Weekend

We may have accidentally made Ferrari Challenge one of Jalopnik's favorite motorsports, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. There's more to the series than "LOL RICH GUY CRASHES CAR" and we're here with winning driver Carlos Gomez to prove it. » 10/31/14 11:47am 10/31/14 11:47am

The Ferrari 458 Speciale A Is A Limited Edition Drop Top Wonder

Take a 458 Speciale, get rid of its roof, fill it up with blue carbon fiber and what you end up with is the Speciale A, a 597 horsepower drop top that can still bend time and space. » 10/02/14 10:28am 10/02/14 10:28am

A Look Inside the Ferrari 458 Workshop of Risi Competizione

As penniless teenager, I used to sometimes find myself (paradoxically) in the spotless showroom of Ferrari of Houston, just to stare. All of my heroes from the magazines I studied — here they were. It was a serene place: you step softly around the showroom, more like a museum than a car dealership. If I had dragged… » 9/19/14 11:24am 9/19/14 11:24am

Ferrari 458 Italia "Niki Lauda Edition" For Sale

I've gotten some feedback from our European readers, that CarBuying should cover more in regards to the international market. Well, this one is for you. Edo Competition in Germany has this custom ordered "Niki Lauda Edition" 458 listed for only 285,000 Euro (aprox 386k USD). » 7/16/14 9:04am 7/16/14 9:04am

Deadmau5 Is Selling His Nyan Cat Ferrari On Craigslist For $380,000

I'm not sure what's the best part of this story — that Deadmau5 is selling his Nyan Cat Ferrari 458 for $380,000 or that he's doing it on Craigslist. » 6/16/14 4:22pm 6/16/14 4:22pm

And Now For A Gloriously Sonorous Double V8 Musical Interlude

The Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Noble M600 Carbon Sport may be V8-powered mid-engined competitors, but that's where many of the similarities end. The flat-plane wail of the Ferrari and the deep-throated turbo'd rumble of the Noble are each a symphony on their own, but now you can enjoy both with this pair of videos. » 1/26/14 3:09pm 1/26/14 3:09pm

The outstanding Axis of Oversteer won the Ferrari 458 Challenge in Austin this weekend and now they're running a photo contest where you can win swag and glory. Send your best pictures of their ultra-lustworthy orange/chrome Challenge car to ac (at) More details here. » 11/18/13 11:50am 11/18/13 11:50am

This is a Ferrari with $140,000 worth of options

It has some neat stuff like carbon fiber seats for $7,600, $20,200 carbon fiber engine cover - even the paint, called Azzurro Monaco, with the Silverstone roof adding is worth almost $18,000. » 8/23/13 10:35am 8/23/13 10:35am

You Won't Ever Get The Blues In A Ferrari 458 Italia

Amazingly, the Ferrari 458 Italia has been around since 2009 now, but I'm still not sick of looking at it. Alex Goy from XCAR says it's the most beautiful Ferrari to come along in years; I fully agree. » 8/07/13 10:40am 8/07/13 10:40am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Ferrari 458 Wallpaper Is Here

I know we feature the Ferrari 458 a lot here on Weekend Wallpaper, but there's just one problem. No matter what angle you look at it from, no matter what the context or the lighting, it just looks so damn good. » 7/27/13 5:11pm 7/27/13 5:11pm

Asshat Swerving In A Ferrari 458 Blows Engine

In today's edition of Just Desserts: Automotive Edition, an asshat was reportedly seen swerving in and out of traffic near San Francisco, only to be halted by his Ferrari 458 blowing up. » 7/24/13 10:00am 7/24/13 10:00am

Russian Man Run Down By Ferrari While Leaving Mosque [UPDATE]

The 23-year-old son of the owner of M-Video, a Russian consumer electronics chain, was driving his Ferrari in Moscow, according to Forbes Russia. The Ferrari driver hit a 62-year-old man, Gaynulov Nariman, who was returning from prayers at the local mosque. Nariman was unfortunately killed. » 7/14/13 4:20pm 7/14/13 4:20pm

Your Ridiculously Awesome Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 Wallpaper Is Here

Some people come out here on the Jalopniks and insist, I mean really insist, that red is the best car color, hands down. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Same with yellow. And green. And purple. And all the rest. But no. My personal favorite is a white and navy two-tone, and it looks stunning on this Ferrari race car. » 7/13/13 5:00pm 7/13/13 5:00pm

This Is A $1.3 Million Ferrari And $1 Million Is For The Wheels Alone

A Ferrari 458 selling for $290,000 on eBay isn't news. When you put $1,000,000 Vossen Precision Forged Wheels on it, then it becomes news. » 7/12/13 4:03pm 7/12/13 4:03pm

Watch Hennessey's Twin Turbocharged Ferrari 458 Obliterate The Road

Nobody drives a Ferrari 458 Spider and says it needs more power. Except for John Hennessey. He twin turbocharged one. » 7/12/13 2:37pm 7/12/13 2:37pm

Class Warfare Breaks Out As Londoner Eggs Woman Driving A Ferrari

Rich residents of London are notoriously upset with richer foreigners who summer in the British capital, filling the streets with supercars. Recently, one of these Brits egged a Ferrari. Shit just got real. » 7/10/13 10:22am 7/10/13 10:22am