Passing 27 Cars In Six Laps On A Narrow Street Course Is The Run Of A Lifetime

Here’s a video that’s so insane, it’s been compared to driving Forza on Easy mode with all the assists on. It doesn’t look real, but it’s what happened when Jono Lester restarted in 32nd position at the Australian GT Championship’s first race of the 2015 Clipsal 500 weekend. Watch this, and I’ll even offer to help… »9/12/15 3:48pm9/12/15 3:48pm


Driving A Ferrari 458 On A Race Track Will Leave You Giggling All Day

For the average person, the easiest way to track a supercar is through a “supercar experience”-type program. Many of these let you loose on a real track in a supercar for a set number of laps. I tried out Xtreme Xperience’s Ferrari 458, and I’m not sure I wanted to let them have it back.
»9/09/15 5:36pm9/09/15 5:36pm

The MOMO Livery Contest Winners Look Even Better In Person

The Jalopnik Bump lives on! We've left our mark right at the front of the Momo Ferrari 458 and Porsche 911 that received the livery-by-Internet treatment during the Pirelli World Challenge offseason. Here are the livery contest winners you helped choose. Ya done good, Internet. Ya done real good. »3/07/15 7:48pm3/07/15 7:48pm

Huge Crash Crumples Mark Webber's Porsche 919 Into A Little Fiery Ball

A massive crash took Mark Webber in the number 20 Porsche out of the race in the last hour of the World Endurance Championship's 6 Hours of São Paulo. The Porsche 919 collided with Matteo Cressoni in the number 90 Ferrari 458 of 8 Star Motorsports, then hit the wall. »11/30/14 4:17pm11/30/14 4:17pm

A Look Inside the Ferrari 458 Workshop of Risi Competizione

As penniless teenager, I used to sometimes find myself (paradoxically) in the spotless showroom of Ferrari of Houston, just to stare. All of my heroes from the magazines I studied — here they were. It was a serene place: you step softly around the showroom, more like a museum than a car dealership. If I had dragged… »9/19/14 11:24am9/19/14 11:24am

And Now For A Gloriously Sonorous Double V8 Musical Interlude

The Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Noble M600 Carbon Sport may be V8-powered mid-engined competitors, but that's where many of the similarities end. The flat-plane wail of the Ferrari and the deep-throated turbo'd rumble of the Noble are each a symphony on their own, but now you can enjoy both with this pair of videos. »1/26/14 3:09pm1/26/14 3:09pm

The outstanding Axis of Oversteer won the Ferrari 458 Challenge in Austin this weekend and now they'

The outstanding Axis of Oversteer won the Ferrari 458 Challenge in Austin this weekend and now they're running a photo contest where you can win swag and glory. Send your best pictures of their ultra-lustworthy orange/chrome Challenge car to ac (at) More details here. »11/18/13 11:50am11/18/13 11:50am