Acura Completely Destroyed A Ferrari 458 For Analysis

According to the latest Autocar Confidential, the team who developed the new NSX over at Acura purchased a Ferrari 458 for comparison tests—and then completely destroyed the car to see how it was built when they were done.

This painful news follows shortly after reports that Porsche found out Acura had also bought a 911 GT3, sending a note back to Acura with the car reading “Good luck Honda from Porsche. See you on the other side.


According to Autocar’s insiders, the Acura team tore the Ferrari 458 apart after development of the NSX was done, complimenting the Italian’s aluminum construction. Apparently Honda even kept some of the pieces laying around its research and development facility.

The new NSX is damn good. It’s just sad to hear what all of these other amazing sports cars had to go through to get us here.

Via Road&Track

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