Watch Ryan Tuerck Drift The Crap Out Of The Ferrari 458-Swapped Toyota GT86

Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari 458-powered Toyota GT86 is a mad and shrieking, tire-shredding, donut-making, smoke-spewing Frankenstein build. And now he’s taking it to the track for some synchronized dancing.


The car practically needs no introduction, but just in case, this is the project that Tuerck spent much of 2016 on, swapping the 458's 570 horsepower V8 into the humble GT86, aka the Scion FR-S. It is a mad project for a madman, and the resulting drifts are equally bonkers.

This is Tuerck’s first time taking his car out on a track and he was exhilarated to be doing it. To be fair, so would all of us if we got the chance.

Sometimes the best things come out of the most unlikely pairings. Like potato chips and ice cream. Just try it.

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